Three Kinds of Psychotherapy

Three Kinds of Psychotherapy From a layman’s perspective it’s easy to think that all psychology jobs are the same, but there are very many different kinds of talking therapies requiring specialist training and suited to different kinds of issue.  We’ll put the spotlight on three today, to help you make better choices about what you might need, either as a[Read More…]

Warning signs of a suicidal person

Warning Signs of a Suicidal Person and How to Help Them

Warning Signs of a Suicidal Person – Suicide Prevention Recently, cases of suicide are rising at an alarming rate. The chaotic lifestyle, stress and the losing warmth of relationships is the main reason people are becoming more suicidal day by day. As a responsible friend, relative you must keep a check on some warning signs of a suicidal person, so[Read More…]


How to Control your anger with simple yet effective ways

You must have heard, “Control your Anger, before it controls you.” Anger management is something, everyone needs in today’s world. Be it a small child, adult or an old age person. Everyone today wants to know, How to control your anger. It isn’t easy for anyone to control anger, but it has become the need of today. Anger might seems[Read More…]


10 Things you should stop chasing to make your life easier

10 Things you should stop chasing to make your life easier Everyone in this world wishes to remain happy. People search for so many ways to keep themselves happy. Few of them found themselves happy with their family while few feel happy with their gadgets. Now, to achieve happiness, you need to make your life easier. There are many ways[Read More…]