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They say, ‘You cannot understand a Woman!’ there are many things a man can never understand about a woman, but aren’t men as mysterious as women? There are many things a woman can never understand about a man, they do mysterious, strange, weird and unexplained things.

But I want to ask all the girls/women out there, Can we understand a Man? Is it Possible? We can never understand a man, it is tougher than understanding a woman, Trust me it is….

Here are some confusing things a man does every time, here is a list of few Things a woman can never understand about a man.

Unexplaines strange weird habits of men


All men know, there is no 5 minute alarm in their watches, but still for every second thing they have to say, ‘Yeah coming in 5 minutes’, ‘Oh! 5 more minutes’ and bla bla
Please reveal it now men, why are you so obsessed with this 5 Minute thing?

Avoid Discussions

All men in the world want to avoid discussions with women. They will start the topic and when we start to discuss, they just want to end it without completing. Why do they start when they don’t want to finish

Eyes Don’t Lie

Why in the world men have to stare at Bre**ts and lie about it, when caught they always end up saying something to cover up. Men please understand, your eyes don’t lie and neither ours which caught you.
They are just part of our body, and it does feel bad when you stare at them like you have seen an alien thing.


The most disgusting habit of men is scratching in public. Ask them, and they will reply, Oh! That, I was just adjusting. Phew! That’s disgusting, How can men do it in Public?

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Aiming game

Every male, young or Old finds it best to play the aiming game while pi***ng. You don’t know how to use a toilet bowl or is it obsession with the aiming game and spraying it everywhere.

Great Actors

Whenever these men do something wrong, they just can’t admit it. They will act like they were born to act. They just cannot accept their mistakes, for reasons God knows.
And people say, ‘Be a man’ … LOLZ

Best at making Excuses

When they are caught red handed, they have a series of excuses you have never heard of. Talented men, but why can’t they just accept it, why excuses?


Men can never know where their stuff is. They keep losing everything from their socks to keys. No one can ever understand how can lose everything and anything.

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Obsession with Socks

Do men have a nose? Why can’t they smell their stinky socks? Grrr, they can go on wearing the same pair of socks unless you take them out!
Why for God sake why doesn’t the stinky smell of socks bother you?


No matter how well a woman cooks, they like outside food more. Phew!! And whatever they cook, must be liked by women  :p
A woman can never understand what to cook so it may be better than the food outside.


Men are so unpredictable, that they themselves don’t know when they will be romantic, upset, angry or hungry!


Compare them with your father and see a rage in their eyes, but they will never let you go without being compared with their mother. Their mother is a great cook, a great homemaker and bla bla.
Ask them, if their views were same when they were living with their mother. Ha Ha, We know the answer! Right girls?

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Every man is a Superman, they can go on driving and get lost but they cannot ask for directions. Pretty supermen J

Storing Empty Containers

Never expect a man to store back containers or bottles, but yes if you find empty bottles or containers in fridge. Go and say Thanks to the man of your house. For no reasons specified, they love doing it and of course, get ready for some great excuses and best acting sessions.

Meaning of Love

Ask a man what Love is, it all starts and ends with being physical. They don’t know what Love is, pampering is, taking care is. All they know is one thing S**.
And when it comes to take love, they just love being pampered, taken care of, cuddled and listened to. But it again depends on their mood, if you do this, when they are not in mood then you are being overpossesive, obsessive and not letting them enjoy their freedom.
Voila! Chemical complications of mind of men!

Strange, right! I bet your men too behave so weird, and yeah, the list can be adjusted according to every man, add a few points and leave a few aside. The most irritating part is, they are weird too, they do unexplained things and we accept them the way they are. But they just cannot, they have to make a joke of our traits, innocence and stupidities.

This is just a small list, the list can be long though, help me grow this list. Reply back with all those unexplained, stupid, strange and weird things about your man.

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