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Like women men also have Acne issues and for all the guys who are dealing with Acne issues, Here, I am with Qraa Men Acne Clearing Face. Let’s read the complete review – 

Qraa Men Acne Clearing Face Wash Price- Rs 360/- for 100 gms

What Qraa Men Anti Acne Face Wash Claims?

As the company says, “Acne Clearing Face Wash has strong anti-inflammatory properties, powerful antimicrobial properties, rebalances sebum production, reduces blackheads and reduces pimples and its marks. It is advised to use this face wash at least twice a day, morning and night to best results.”

Qraa Men Anti Acne Face Wash Packaging

Qraa Men Acne Clearing Face Wash comes in a cream and green flip open tube. The consistency of the face wash is cream like and is not very runny. Its easy to use and carry packaging is really nice.

Experience with Qraa Men Acne Face Wash

As it is for men, I had to find a man who has acne issues to see if the face wash is really worth acne prone men. So, I found my younger brother who has acne issues which worsens during summers.
He was quiet excited to see a face wash that claims to cater acne skin. He found it just like any other face wash the first time he used it. But after around 2 weeks his skin showed a lot of improvement. The acne was returning back and his skin looked much more cleaner than ever.
SO, in case you are about to use this face wash, don’t expect any miracles. It does work, but you need to stay consistent and wait for a while. But it surely treats the acne prone skin. I have seen the improvements.

What I liked about Qraa Men Acne Face Wash

  • Takes time, but does what it claims
  • Skin becomes more cleaner
  • Men without acne can use it too
  • Easy to use, hassle free
  • Value for money
  • Smells nice
  • Availability

What I didn’t like about Qraa Men Acne Clearing Face Wash

  • Nothing as such

Would I recommend using Qraa Men Acne Clearing Face Wash

I would definitely recommend it to men who are dealing with ACNE. Guys you must try your hands on it once.

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