Mother nature is full of mysterious herbs that help us deal with our daily life. Be it food, nutrition, health or beauty, but do you know Mother Nature has got some really dangerous, deadly and poisonous plants around the world. The flora and fauna that makes the nature look mesmerizingly beautiful can take your life too, Beware of these beautiful and deadly plants. Look out, if any of these plants is around you, then stay away. These plants are most deadliest poisonous plants and can even kill you and your pets.

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English Ivy

 english ivy  dangerous, poisonous, harmful, toxic, deadly can kill

English Ivy has beautiful leaves and is grown indoors and outdoors as an ornamental Vine plant. The plant has caused many serious health issues among cattle, dogs, sheep, pets and humans. Some symptoms of English Ivy’s are difficulty in breathing, vomiting, bad rashes, boils, blisters, vomiting, paralysis and even Coma. If you find English Ivy in your local, beware of it.


  1. Thanks for your useful information. It’s necessary to keep us and our kids away from these common plants which are poisonous and deadly.


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