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Traditions are the integral part of any society. Traditions are passed down by our forefathers and have some special significance behind them. With the moving time, we leave a few traditions behind, but we do keep following many traditions and will keep doing so. Every society has their own traditions and are very peculiar about them as they are mostly associated with past generations, or religion. We know the tradition of our society, and we may also know the tradition around us of different societies. But, there are millions of traditions being followed all over the world and many of them will give you a Jaw dropping experience. Here are 15 most shocking and weird traditions from across the world, which will blow your mind away.

15 Shocking and Weird Traditions

Feeding The Dead (Roman)

In the Vatican of Roman burial grounds, graves contain pipes that led to the outside of the Graveyard. Feeding the dead is a tradition of romans, they pour honey, wine and food stuff into the grave of the dead through this pipe.

feeding dead in graves in roman vatican

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  1. Thanks so much for appreciating J J. Your comment meant a lot 🙂

    I heard about one of the shocking tradition from a friend, I was taken aback… So thought of researching about it and came across so many weird and shocking tradition all over the World.

  2. Thanks for reading the post Emmanuel. Agreed that was the most funny tradition I cam across, all others traditions around the world listed in the post are weird and scary.

  3. Awesome work… i too have much stuff similar to this…. i love to collect info/stuff like this… basically i am film maker and explorer of hidden stuff in the world… thanks a lot for adding few more things into my list…. hope i get more info like this from you

  4. Thanks a lot Raraj 🙂

    I am really touched by your words.
    I too love exploring rare, oddities, surprising and shocking things around the world. You can have a look at Interesting Facts and Rare/oddities categories of the site to get more such posts.



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