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Papaya is skin’s best friend and we all know that, what say girls???? Winters are knocking doors, and this dry air is making skin dry rough and begging for nourighment. Here’s the deal- Astaberry Papaya Face Wash. The face wash that is going to clean your skin and has the goodness of papaya. Sounds fantastic!! Isnt it?
Let’s read the complete Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Price- Rs110 for 100ml

What Astaberry Papaya Face Wash claims?

As the company says, “The Face Wash also comes along with an Astaberry Fairness Crème which revitalizes, brightens, moisturizes and gives an instant glow on the skin. It even imparts visible results on the skin leaving the skin noticeably even-toned and nourished. It essentially works on color correction and restores natural skincare.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Packaging

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash comes in a white and orange flip open tube with orange lid. The packaging is regular, like other face washes. The face wash is gel like and orange in colour.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

Experience with Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

I loved using the face wash, it doesn’t dry out my skin but still cleans it thoroughly. I have this oily T zone, and normal U zone, so neither an oily face wash suits my whole face nor a normal one. However, Astaberry Papaya face wash was bang on.
I was left with an oil free clean and hydrated face that felt softer.

What I liked about Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

  • Suits all skin types
  • Skin feels softer after use
  • Hydrates, yet removes oil from skin
  • Easy on pocket
  • Loved the fragrance

What I didn’t like about Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

  • Nothing at all

Would I recommend using Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

Yes, its good and a must try for all skin types. It has goodness of papaya and is easy on pocket too.

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