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Here comes the summers back with all the scorching heat and ultra violet rays to damage your skin. And to help you all, I am here with the review of Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Crème. Astaberry is a known name now, and is pocket friendly too. Astaberry sunscreen has the goodness of papaya to shield your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Let’s read the complete review-

Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme Price- Rs 150/- for 100ml + 10ml

What Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme Claims?

As the company says, “This Sun Protecting Crème contains natural skin moisturizers and the Papaya Enzymes help in reducing the dark spots. The broad spectrum of sun protection is very long lasting and water resistant. It improves skin moisturization and also prevents the occurrence of blemishes and freckles.
This product not only protects the skin from the harsh effects of UVA/UVB but also, has a skin brightening extract which makes the skin glowing and radiant always.”

Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme Packaging

Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme comes in a white and orange tube. The sunscreen is white is colour and very pleasant fragrance. The packaging is like any other normal tube.

Experience with Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme

I have really oily skin, so I am not a fan of sunscreens as most of them are sticky but to my surprise Astaberry papaya sunscreen is not at all sticky, infact its water resistant. It’s a must buy for oily skin people. It feels like you havnt applied anything, but it doesn’t compromise with the protection for sure.
Astaberry Papaya sunscreen comes with spf 30 which is great for sun protection. Also it has the goodness of papaya which keeps skin hydrated and also works on dark spots. Lots of goodness in one sunscreen.

What I liked about Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme

  • It is not sticky at all
  • Hydrates skin
  • Does what it claims
  • Water resistant
  • Works on dark spots and blemishes
  • Less is enough
  • Value for money
  • Smells nice
  • Availability

What I didn’t like about Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme

  • Nothing as such

Would I recommend using Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme

I would definitely recommend it to oily skin people as it is not sticky at all. It definitely works for all skin types but for oily skin people it’s a must have.

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