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Yoga is trending all over the World and people from all over the world want to learn and make Yoga a part of their life. Yoga is the treasure of India, which the ancestors of India have left for their upcoming generations. Yoga is a sure short way to get the best and healthy lifestyle. Be it, glowing beautiful flawless skin or a peaceful mind, Yoga offers everything. However, few people misunderstand yoga that it is meant only for yogis (Term referred in India for Hermit). But yoga is for everyone, kids, teenagers, pregnant women, adults and old age. Not only does Yoga give you a healthy body but a Peaceful mind, when you are in harmony, the life becomes smoother, happier and calmer. 

Let’s see the benefits of Yoga on our Mind & Body and How Yoga can transform one’s Life

Sun Salutation


Who doesn’t want to be Fit in today’s World? You are a healthy person when you are not only physically fit but also mentally and emotionally fit and sound. Yoga postures, Meditation and Breathing techniques give you a Fit body, mind and emotional balance.  

Weight Balance

People are worried about weight, some want to gain weight and all others to lose. Yoga helps you to have a balanced weight, you must be thinking how? Yoga is very powerful, and thus it helps your body to balance you in every way, be it your weight or emotions. Sun Salutations, Kapal Bhati and pranayama are some easy ways to help balance your weight issues.

Relieves Stress

When you do Yoga, your mind gets relieved. Yoga is mostly recommended to do with closed eyes and in fresh air. Breathing techniques and postures relieves tension and calms your mind and body.

Improved immunity

When you do yoga regularly, your body will start detoxifying itself and it will improve your immunity. Yoga works as an ointment to our inner body, it heals, it repairs and it massages our system making it healthier and stronger.

Improved Concentration

When you are healthy and calm, your mind will work efficiently, Hence improves your concentration. Our mind is constantly thinking about things we do not want to think about, With meditation and Yoga, your mind will stay focused and calm. You can work more efficiently.


Improves Relationships

Everyone loves smiling faces, Right? With Yoga, your mind and body will smile, you will stay focused, will become more efficient, Hence making you more sensitive to deal with issues in your relationship more calmly and sensibly. Yoga and meditation also helps to manage anger, the mind becomes happier and peaceful which benefits in Anger management thus strengthens your bonds with people close to you.

Better Flexibility & Posture

Be it school, college or Office, ever person is dealing with body pain due to wrong postures. If you are flexible you can work for hours. You only need to be regular with yoga, for a body that is strong, calm and flexible. Yoga postures stretches and tones the body muscles makes them stronger and flexible. In fact, Yoga is very important for pregnant ladies, it helps them to deal with body swelling, mood swings, body pain and Yoga also helps the pregnant lady deliver the baby with much ease.

Improves Intuition

You must have heard about intuition or 6th sense, everyone has a sixth sense, but you need to improve it. And trust me, Yoga does help improve your sixth sense/Intuition power. Yoga and meditation have the power to improve as you are more focused, healthier and have a calmer mind

Yoga is a miraculous way to deal with all human problems without any side-effects. Being regular with Yoga can change your life for always. I hope you liked reading about Yoga and its Health benefits, Would love to hear your experiences of Yoga.

P.S- Yoga has no side effects, but do not try it yourself. Learn it from a Yoga teacher and its results will be more effective.

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