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So you want to quit smoking without drugs. Well it is hard but not impossible. And that’s why I am here to help you out. Most of people who are addicted to smoking don’t want to agree that they are addicted. They say, They can stop smoking whenever they want, but when they try to, nothing happens. When they Quit Smoking using drugs  the habit become worse. Almost everyone who is addicted to smoking wants to get rid of this habit of smoking, but are not able to.

If you are one of them or any of your known wants to Quit Smoking, make them read this post.

Why you want to Quit Smoking?

The first motivation to Quit smoking comes from within, no one can force you. So it’s time for you to sit down and think, why do you really want to Quit Smoking. The reason you get from your inner self is your motivation and will keep you strong enough.

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Tell your Love ones your Decision

Don’t do it alone, share your decision to your family, well wishers and loved ones. You will be amazed with their happiness and Support. Their support and motivation will further help you stick to your decision of quitting Smoke.

Change your Friend Circle

Take good care of the people you meet and talk to. Try to avoid friends who smoke, and start talking to those who stay away from smoking. The good company of friends will make you cheerful and help you stay away from smoking as well.

Do not try Cold Turkey

You might think of throwing your cigarettes at once and tell everyone, Yeah! I have Quit Smoking. But, Hold on! This is not a habit, but a bad addiction which is not going to leave you so easily. It will take time and it will not return for sure. Nicotine is addictive and it has started controlling your emotions and mind. They will try to trick you, so it is too dangerous to try Cold Turkey as it will destroy all your plans.

First Day after Quitting

Now when you have Quit Smoking, how is your first day going to be. Be planned for intensive craving for smoking. Irritation and anxiety to make the craving more severe. Increases heart rate and drowsiness. These are tricks, nicotine is going to play with your mind and body to make you feel this Quitting is not your cup of tea.

How to get rid of Side effects of Quitting

Tell yourself you have not Quit, Yes you haven’t Quit smoking you have just decreased smoking. If Nicotine can play with your mind and Body, you can also play with Nicotine, Right? Now you are allowed to take just the half number of cigarettes you used to have before starting this Quit. Just remember every day you need to half the number of cigarette you had the previous day.

Help from your friends

With every achievement you achieve, ask your family, friend or loved ones to Reward you for the achievement. This might feel kiddish, but It does work, when you see the trust in your loved one’s eyes for yourself, the trust that will Quit smoking will keep you motivated forever.

Chewing Gum

Keep normal Chewing Gum or Special chewing gums made specially for smoke Quitters. Whenever you feel the craving is making you weak have one chewing, but every chewing gum has a price to pay, You need to take 10 deep breaths, remember every loved one of yours who have supported you. Drink a glass of water, and still if the craving is there you can have the chewing gum.

A Phone call

Whenever you lose hope and you think of quitting this mission call the one who is supporting you Quit Smoking. Trust me, their love and support will not let you Quit this mission.

A Note

Create a Note, write down the reason why you want to Quit. Write down the names of all the people who have wished you and are motivating & supporting you.

Add every day underneath it, and the number of cigarettes you supposed to have, and the number of cigarettes you had. Write down a positive thing about this mission with every passing day. Read this note every morning and Add your day’s achievement before you sleep.

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Not so Medical Help

These are tips to motivate you, but there are few more things which are going to make you stronger and help you physically as well. Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Acupressure, Massage and leisure activities are going to keep you busy and your mind diverted from Smoking. Do not stay alone at any point of time, as being alone is an invitation to Nicotine to start playing with your body and mind again making you weaker.

I hope these tips will surely help you Quit smoking and lead a long and healthy life with your family and loved ones.

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