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There are so many things around the World you talk about, you know the names of many things, but there are many Common Things I bet You dont know the Real Names of. Sometimes it becomes a problem while conversating about things you know you talking about, but you don’t know how to acknowledge them. You just don’t know what they are known as. You usually get puzzled what to call them or acknowledge them with. Let’s have a look at 10 such common things, are you ready?

1. Fragrance of Rain on Dry Earth

Like, you know the fragrance that comes when Rain hits the dry earth, we all love it. But what is exactly the way we should acknowledge that smell? Is there a word in the Vocabulary that defines that mesmerizing fragrance of Rain on Dry earth?

smell of rain on dry earth, petrichor

I knew you didn’t know… It is called Petrichor. Let’s see if you know the next one, Ready? 

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