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Summers are here, and you must want to know, how to stop nose bleeding? But before knowing, how to cure nose bleeds, you must know what cause nose bleeding and what are the symptoms for nose bleed. You must have seen, nose bleeding is common in summers for many people. And the sight of blood dripping from nostrils, makes us all upset as usually we can’t bear the sight of blood. Usually nose bleeding is not harmful, but Nose bleeding must be treated as soon as possible without much delay. Let’s understand, what causes Nose bleeding and how can we cure nose bleeding with natural home remedies at home only.non stop nose bleeding

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What causes Nose Bleeding?

Nose bleeding can be caused by many reasons like, Injury, low humidity, sinus, excessive heat, picking nose, high blood pressure and cold.

Medication like aspirin and blood thinners can also cause Nose Bleeding. You might be thinking

Can allergies cause nose bleeds? Yes, it can.
Is Nose bleed harmful? Not is usual cases, but if left untreated, it can be harmful.
Can nose bleeding be treated at home? Yes, easily

Symptoms of Nose Bleeding

There is just one symptom of nose bleeding and that is a sudden dripping of blood from one or both nostrils. You can feel dizzy when your nose bleeds. Some people experience less flow of blood, but some experience a sudden rush of extreme non stop nose bleeding. The given below home remedies work in both cases.

Cure nose bleeding with Natural Home Remedies

Fullers Earth

Have some dry, fuller earth and drop a few drops of water. If using powder, you must make a thick paste. Smell it for a few minutes and you will see the bleeding of the nose has stopped.
You may apply the thick paste on your forehead as well as around your nose. It gives a cooling effect and your bleeding will stop there and then,


Cut a fresh onion and smell it. Very effective and handy way to stop nose bleeding.

Cold water

Open the tap and keep your head below it. Let the water cool down your head’s temperature. After few minutes lie down on the towel, keeping 2 pillows under your head.

Cold Compress

Take some ice cubes and wrap them in cloth, you may use frozen pea pack if available. Keep the ice pack/frozen peas on the bridge of your nose.
You may take sponge piece, dip them in water and keep in the freezer to make your own frozen sponges, readily available for nose bleeding.

Stay in cold temperature

Make sure you are in cold temperature. Go and sit in AC room, or in front of cooler or fan. Sometimes, heat can be the reason of nose bleeds.


Dab some White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar on cotton ball. Smell it for a few minutes and your nosebleed will stop.

P.S- If your nose bleeding doesn’t stop even after 20 minutes of trying these natural home remedies to cure nosebleeds, you must consult a doctor.

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