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Denver Hamilton Perfume Review

Heya Guys!!! So this time I have come up with Denver Hamilton Perfume Review. The latest from Denver fragrance range. I am in love with fragrances and thus I keep buying cute looking bottles to review them and use them. This time I am reviewing a great perfume from Denver – Hamilton Perfume. So, lets start with a complete in detail review of Denver Hamilton Perfume.

Denver Hamilton Perfume review
Denver Hamilton Perfume review

Denver Hamilton Perfume Packaging & Staying Power

Denver Hamilton Perfume is available in a cute green glass bottle with leather look alike lid. The packaging of the perfume is sturdy and is very appealing. I totally loved the leather lookalike lid.

The staying power of the Denver Hamilton Perfume is pretty decent. My husband went to a party and when he came back, I could still smell the Hamilton Perfume. So it is pretty decent perfume with great staying power.

Price – 449/- for 100ml

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Experience with Denver Hamilton Perfume 

Denver Hamilton has a really nice fresh fragrance that opens with the top notes of amber and cedar. It enhances the personality and has a really decent staying power. The fragrance makes you feel fresh and energetic from inside. It is perfect for romantic dates as well as for business meetings. A perfect fragrance for any occasion.

You guys will fall in love with the pleasant fragrance of Denver Hamilton Perfume..… Can bet on this!!!

Denver Hamilton Perfume review
Denver Hamilton Perfume review

What I Liked about Denver Hamilton Perfume

  • The fresh new fragrance
  • Doesn’t irritate skin at all
  • Great stay power
  • Pocket Friendly
  • The glass bottle is so cute
  • Very easily available

What I Didn’t liked about Experience with Denver Hamilton Perfume 

  • It’s a glass bottle, so not so travel friendly.

My rating for Denver Hamilton Perfume is 5 out of 5

Will I buy Denver Hamilton Perfume again?

YES! For sure…. My husband is in love with this amazing fragrance of Hamilton Perfume from Denver. He thoroughly loved using and testing them for me. Denver Hamilton is a great gifting option too, so I might end up buying more than once or twice.

I hope you liked Denver Hamilton Perfume review from us. But we are still awaiting your personal experiences with Denver Hamilton Perfume…….

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