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Do more always is a brand I have fallen in love with. After using their Body Fit Combo, I had to use their Body products too. SO here I am with Body wash and Body Lotion. Do More Always makes sure that their products delivers the best for you and your skin and after using all their products, I can vouch on it! So let’s get to the detailed review so you can choose them for yourself.

Let’s read the complete Do More Always Body Fit Combo Review

Do More Always Body Fit Combo has got Body Wash and Body Lotion. All that we one need for their daily basic body care routine.

Do More Always Body Fit Combo Review

What Do More Always claims?

As the company says, “Do More Always products are, No nonsense skincare & body care products made specifically for the demands of your everyday, active lifestyle. They are Made Safe, Clinically-Proven Formulations, Highest Grade, and Clean Ingredients and are Cruelty Free. ”

Do More Always Body Fit Combo Packaging

Do More Always Body Fit Combo comes again in a cute white canvas bag with zipper and few coffee beans. Once you open the zipper, the aroma of coffee beans sets you in the mood… :p
And voila, you get your hands on 2 bottles – one pump bottle for body lotion and one normal bottle that has a push button on top to open the nozzle for Body wash.  The packaging is simple and no nonsense, straight to what’s needed, minimal and simple. All the products are easy to carry and are decently packed.

My Experience with Do More Always Body Fit Combo

It’s been weeks now that I am using Do More Always body lotion and body wash and its time that I order them again before they are gone 😉
It’s my body’s daily need now. The aroma, the after affect it gives to my body is all I need in this wintery season. There is nothing I don’t like about DO More Always products, they are what we need in very simple words. No fancy, nothing.
DO more always, I guess believe in providing only what is needed and no superficial fancy stuff at all. Coming back to the products – The body wash has Cucumber, tea tree oil, Aloe Vera and coffee extract. They give you that cool wala feeling, hydrates you well and cleanses you deeply.

The body lotion has Collagen, Coffee Extract, Shea Butter and Cocoa butter. All the things to nourish, pamper and hydrate your body deep inside and soft outside.

Would I recommend using Do More Always Body Fit Combo

I loved the fact that the brand is so simple and hits the need of your body perfectly. We have been around products and brands that believe in luxury, over hyped fancy packaging’s and forgets or misses out on what’s actually needed by our body and skin. DO More Always is a different brand and knows what their customers need in real. DO use their stuff, and do comment on what you like about the brand and their products. Do bring no nonsense hair care combo too – DO More Always… we are waiting B-)

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