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If you are in search of a product that not only helps you maintain weight but also helps manage your blood sugar levels, then you are at the right place.
Dr. Reddy’s is a name that is trusted by millions and millions of people when it comes to healthcare. Dr. Reddy has come up with Celevida Powder and I had tried my hands on Celevida before recommending it.

Dr. Reddy’s Celevida Claims-

  • Dr. Reddy’s Celevida is made up of 3 grains (ragi, soy, and gram) and is clinically proven to manage 24 hours blood sugar spikes.
  • Supports heart health by increasing the good cholesterol
  • Supports weight management by providing satiety up to 3 hours with just 85.5kcal per serve
  • It also supports the immunity of diabetics & pre-diabetics
  • It comes in a unique flavor of ‘Kesar Elaichi’ containing real saffron and cardamom

Paid Partnership with Celevida

Celevida Health Drink is a partial meal replacement health drink scientifically formulated for diabetics. I am sure if you guys are reading this, you are here to know everything about Celevida Powder. So let’s not waste any more time, and we will go straight with all the details you are looking for about Celevida.
My father is pre-diabetic and is dealing with weight issues and other health issues. We got to know about Celevida and Dr. Reddy’s name was enough for me to trust it. It’s been more than a month that my father is consuming it and I can see a huge difference in his sugar levels (he is regularly taking his medication just like before). They are more maintained now and he is able to cope with weight issues he was facing a few weeks back.
Feeling more energetic all day long is one main difference I have seen in my father’s daily routine. Who would want to see her aging father waking up in the morning and still feel laid back, low on energy? But to my surprise, Celevida Powder was a game-changer. Not only did it give me my old but still young at heart father back, but also relieved me as a daughter about his health. I am sure you must have lots of questions in your minds just like I had before I have seen the transformation of my father’s overall health with Celevida.

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The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about partial meal replacement powders is – IS IT SAFE?

I am sure you must have this question in your mind too. If you are thinking about Celevida powder side effects, chillax and relax. Let me clear you, it is very much safe and is a scientifically formulated health drink and nutrition supplement for diabetics. Dr. Reddy’s Celevida is made up of 3 grains – Ragi Soy and Gram. As you all know, these 3 grains are packed with proteins and all the goodness you would want for a healthy and fit YOU.

Can I completely skip a meal and have Celevida Powder?

No, we wouldn’t recommend that. However, you can have Celevida for those hunger pangs you get in between your meals. Or you may have it after or before having a light meal. One serving of Celevida has just 85.5 KCAL. So it’s ideal for managing blood sugar spikes and weight.

How do I consume Celevida Powder?

Well, Celevida is very easy to consume. You can either use 200ml lukewarm water/milk. Add one heap full scoop (25gms) of Celevida powder (either Chocolate or Kesar Elaichi). Stir it well and you are done. Make sure to consume it within 30 minutes.

I am not diabetic, can I have Celevida Powder?

Of course, you can, Celevida comes in 2 flavors – Chocolate and Kesar Elaichi (contains real saffron and cardamom). So you can choose the flavor you like. It is scientifically formulated for diabetics, and thus it doesn’t have any added sugar and has high protein and fiber. Celevida Powder for diabetes definitely works but it does work for non-Diabetics too. So if a Non-Diabetic consumes Celevida, it is definitely going to help him maintain weight. It is clinically proven to have a low Glycemic Index (low GI).

There must be many more questions in your mind, for that click on the link below and listen to what experts have to say. You may also drop your queries and we would love to get the answers from the experts for you.

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