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Early Symptoms of miscarriage every woman must know.

One of the happiest and biggest news for a woman is when she gets to know that she is pregnant. As soon as a woman gets to know about her pregnancy, she starts dreaming about the kid. She starts taking all the precautions and tries her level hard to keep things going in favor of her pregnancy.  However, there are few things which are just out of her control. Miscarriage is one of the unfortunate thing which can happen to a woman. The shocking fact is that miscarriages are not so rare. About 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage and that too in first trimester.  Although, miscarriage cannot be prevented as it is a natural phenomenon but still we will let you know the early symptoms of miscarriage which every woman must know.

Source: www.livescience.com
Source: www.livescience.com

What exactly is miscarriage?

Before going into details of early symptoms of miscarriage, we need to what exactly is miscarriage. In scientific terms, miscarriage is basically the spontaneous abortion of fetus or an embryo before it is developed enough to survive. In simple terms, it means losing a child which is not even prepared to born.  Miscarriage even happens before a woman is aware of the fact that she is pregnant.

 The most common time of miscarriage is during the first three months of pregnancy or called trimester. The saddest part of miscarriage is that it cannot be prevented because it is a result of a problem with the development of the fetus. Although, the risk of the miscarriage can be decreased by factors like smoking, drinking etc.

Early Symptoms of miscarriage:

  • Cramps: One of the strongest symptom of miscarriage is cramps. If you are feeling strong cramping in your pelvic region or lower abdomen, then it can be one of those early symptoms of miscarriage. According to doctors, cramps in stomach during pregnancy is a sign of a problem and should be checked with the doctor as soon as possible. Although, you should be able to differentiate with normal cramps which occur during pregnancy and these heavy cramps which are accompanied by heavy breathing.
  • Bleeding: It is said that bleeding is normal during pregnancy but it is just a myth. Heavy bleeding indicates early symptoms of miscarriage. If you are bleeding per vaginum, you need to bring it to the notice of the doctor. Bleeding does not only means miscarriage but you should take all the necessary precautions just to be sure.
  • Unbearable Pain: If you are feeling unbearable sharp pain in your abdomen, it can be an early symptoms of miscarriage. There are chances that pain will spread to your lower back or may be to pelvic region. A regular check-up is no harm just to make sure that everything is going right. If you are feeling any pain in your abdomen, consult your doctor at earliest.
  • Blood Clots: Blood clots are yet another early symptoms of miscarriage. If you are feeling that blood clots are passing through your vagina, it is sure that it is a case of miscarriage. If you can feel this blood clot get medical help as early as possible to prevent miscarriage.
  • No movement of Foetus: The movement of Foetus usually starts in the fourth month of pregnancy. This is the period when the Foetus actually starts developing. In you are feeling that this movement has suddenly stopped and you are not feeling any kind of development in it, it can be an early symptoms of miscarriage. Consult a doctor.

Why miscarriage do happens?

One of the most common cause of miscarriage is spontaneous abortion of fetus or problem with the chromosomes. There are many other reasons like abnormal hormone levels, uterine abnormalities, infections, uncontrolled diabetes, smoking and drinking. There are many medications like acne drug Accutane which also leads to miscarriages.

There is no woman in this world who would wish for miscarriage but there are few things are just beyond control. This post was all about early symptoms of miscarriage. If you have any query or you want to share any of your experience, feel free to comment in below section.

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