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Mouth Ulcers are also known as Oral Ulcer or Mucosal Ulcer. Mouth Ulcer usually appears on the inside of the cheeks. In case you don’t know what mouth ulcers are, then you are at the right place. Some people get a little confused between mouth ulcers and mouth sores, but actually they both are same. Mouth Ulcers are basically mouth ailments which is quite common, but this common ailment makes the life a little tougher as it makes it difficult to eat or drink. Mouth sores easily appear in the mouth, especially on the soft tissues which include tongue, lips, gums, cheeks or floor-roof of the mouth. These ulcers can even appear on person’s esophagus, which is a sleek tube connecting to stomach. These are also known as apthous ulcers which can be really painful while brushing teeth or eating food.

Types of Mouth Ulcers

  • Minor mouth ulcers which basically lasts for minimum 10 days or maximum 2 weeks. These ulcers are 2-8mm in diameter.
  • Major mouth ulcers are painful as well as bigger and deeper. These types of ulcers last for several weeks and might even leave a scar inside the mouth as well.
  • Herpetiform mouth ulcers are a cluster of small sores together forming a group and are really painful.
  • mouth ulcer

Signs of Causes of Mouth Ulcers

There are several signs Causes of Mouth ulcers which range from minor to serious illnesses. Mouth ulcers can even develop, if you burn your mouth by eating or drinking something really hot, a bite on the tongue, having irritation from dentures/ braces, Brushing teeth too hard, or even chewing tobacco.

  • Canker sores
  • Gingivostomatitis
  • Herpes simplex (fever blister)
  • Leukoplakia
  • Oral cancer
  • Oral lichen planus
  • Oral thrush

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

There are chances of having a mouth ulcer if you have:-

  • Painful sore inside your mouth or inside your cheeks or on your tongue or on the soft palate.
  • White or grey colour round sores in mouth with red border or edge.
  • Sores develop into blisters

There are chances of severe mouth ulcers if you experience:-

  • High fever
  • Physical lethargic
  • Swollen lymph nodes

How to Prevent of Mouth Ulcers

There is no significant way for preventing mouth ulcers, but still these tips and tricks help you stay away from Mouth Ulcers-

  • Decreasing stress level
  • Chewing food slowly
  • Avoid intake of hot and spicy foods
  • Intake of balanced and healthy diet
  • Using a soft toothbrush followed by a regular dental routine check-up
  • Drinking sufficient amount of water
  • Avoid drinking too hot and too cold beverages
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco and quit smoking
  • Vitamin supplements must be intake in sufficient amount as prescribed by your doctor.

Tips &Tricks to Speed up Mouth Ulcers Healing Process

Mouth ulcers usually disappear after 10 to 15 days. However, these Tips and tricks given below can however help in reducing pain, soothe down as well as speed up the healing process.

  • Avoid alcohol, as well as tobacco
  • Avoid having high-sugar or hot, spicy foods
  • Gargle with salt water, before and after eating
  • Keeping uttermost care of oral care, use good mouth wash
  • Intake more cold foods or eat ice
  • Take recommended anti-pain medications
  • Increase B12, Zinc, Iron and Folic Acid in your Diet
  • Avoid squeezing your mouth sores
  • Make sure your digestion process is working fine
  • You can even apply a thin paste layer of water with baking soda

Sometimes mouth ulcers can be a result of virus or bacterial infection. So, If your mouth ulcers last for over 2 weeks then you must consult a good doctor and follow the medications prescribed by him.

Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

  • Tulsi leaves have impressive and beneficial medicinal properties which help the body in aiding to adapt stress. Chewing few tulsi leaves will help ulcers in disappearing faster and will also prevent them from recurring.
  • Natural humectant i.e. Honey, which helps in retaining moisture and furthermore helps in preventing dehydration. Honey helps in reducing scarring as well as hastens the whole process of the growth of new tissues.
  • Poppy seeds are one of those products having cooling effect and are the best remedy to treat the mouth ulcers pain and reddishness.
  • Coconut in any form like coconut oil or coconut water help in treating mouth ulcers quickly as these help in cooling down the body. It helps in reducing pain as well as inflammation and ulcers heal faster.
  • Eat cold yoghurt. This helps improve pH balance of the inside of the mouth. The good bacteria present in the Yoghurt help treat mouth ulcers.
  • Use Lemon Juice on your sore. It might burn a little, but lemon juice helps reduce the soreness of the ulcer and speed up the healing process. You may wash your mouth after 10-15 minutes if needed.
  • Licorice has several medicinal properties and it contains various ingredients having anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to have faster results than you can mix the licorice power with warm milk and drink for 3-4 times a day.

These Home remedies are effective and helps soothe the mouth ulcers. Mouth Ulcers can be really tough to handle, as they make the skin sensitive and create discomfort while eating, drinking and even talking. Make sure to take uttermost care of your oral health, to stay away from Mouth Ulcers. Please feel free to share your personal Home Remedies, tips and tricks that help you when you deal with Mouth Ulcers.

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