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This is the most embarrassing situation for any of us- FOUL SMELLY BODY ODOR! We bath daily, we use Deo and we sweat like any normal person would do, why is the sweat of one’s body too smelly that not even Deo’s can help us much. Well! A shocking fact about body odor – Body Odor is actually scentless, but the micro bacteria on our body when gets mixed with sweat produces more bacteria and create body odor. Now, there might be people who have a scentless sweat, and some have really filthy smelly body odor. There are many possibilities why would one’s body odor is much smellier than others. The causes can vary from Medical condition to the choice of your clothes. Let’s first see the causes of bad smelly body odor.

Home remedies to get rod of bad odor
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Surprising causes of Body Odor

  • Medical conditions like Thyroid, Diabetes, Trimethylaminuria, High Insulin, PCOD etc
  • Wrong eating habits
  • Excess alcohol intake
  • Wrong choice of clothes – Wearing really tight, synthetic clothing, doesn’t let the air pass which results in bacterial growth in the sweat accumulated in the pits of our body.
  • Genetics

How to Eliminate Body Odor

Keeping yourself clean and wearing clothes that let your body breathe is the first and foremost important thing to do. If you have a smelly body odor, make sure you take extra care in cleaning your armpits and groin area to stay away from the growth of bacteria in your sweat. Here are some easy home remedies to get rid of body odor and keep bacteria away from your skin and pits, so that your sweat remains unscented and your Deo can take care of your body smell.

Home Remedies to get Rid of Body Odor


Get some Neem leaves and boil them in water. Add the neem water in your bathing tub/water. Neemis effective in killing bacteria. You can also directly soak towel in warm neem water and clean your underarms and all the regions where you feel sweat accumulates the most.

Aloe Vera

Get some fresh Aloe Vera gel and rub it on the body parts where you feel Sweat accumulates the most like, underarms, below breast, groins, neck, waist etc. Have a bath after 10-15 minutes and you will definitely see a visible difference.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take come Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton ball, or add 2 tablespoons of ACV in 1 cup of water and soak a towel in it. Now clean the armpits, groin area and all the body region and parts where you think you sweat the most. ACV is an amazing bacteria killer and also helps you sweat less, keeping your most sweaty regions, dry and smell free.

Sour Curd/Yoghurt

You must have seen that sour yoghurt is of no use, we usually throw it. Next time when you have extra sour curd (Normal curd would also do), don’t throw it. Use it while bathing, do not get shocked. We all know that curd has good bacteria, this good bacteria help kill the bad bacteria that makes our unscented sweat, smelly and filthy. Just take the curd, rub it over armpits, feet, groin area, neck, under breasts and may be the full body. Wash it off with cool water and you are done.


Add lemon and rose water in equal quantity and keep it safe in a bottle in your refrigerator. Twice a day, take some on a cotton ball and rub it over armpits. You will see that your armpits would no longer smell bad. Even if you don’t use the Deo, they won’t smell bad at all.

Tea-Tree Oil

Using 2-3 drops in your bathing water, can help you get rid of the bacteria responsible for smelly body odor. Do it daily.

Antibacterial Powder

These anti-bacterial powders work wonder. Be it your groin area, feet or armpits, they don’t let the bacteria grow. Use this powder as soon as you get your bath. Make sure to dry these regions nicely before applying anti-bacterial powder.


You must scrub your armpits to get rid of dead skin hiding bacteria. You may use a pumice stone every second day to scrub underarm to get rid of dead skin. Make sure you rub gently as the arm pit skin is soft.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetable, keep our skin healthy and safe from bad bacteria.
  • You must wear clothes that let your body breathe.
  • You must wear comfortable clothes and stay away from Polyester and synthetic ones.
  • You must dry yourself completely after taking bath.
  • Do not use Deo/perfumes that are alcohol based or have chemicals.

I hope these home remedies to get rid of Body Odor are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.

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