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Love is the most important and most beautiful part of one’s life. Being in Love brings all the joy in this world and takes away all the joys and happiness from your life after break up. The biggest problem after a break up is, how to tackle it! How to emotionally detach yourself from Ex- boyfriend/Girlfriend? It is very common for everyone to miss their ex- boyfriend/girlfriend after a breakup. Here we have sought down 7 easy tips so you can emotionally detach yourself from your ex boyfriend/girlfriend easily.

How to emotionally detach yourself from your ex boyfriend girlfriend after break up

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7 Tips to detach yourself emotionally after Break-up

Get Rid of Things that reminds you if your past

No doubt, it is really tough to suddenly take a decision to get rid of all those precious things that have become a part of your Love story which no longer exists. But trust me, these precious things are no more precious, they are just going to haunt you and won’t let you break the emotional strings attach. So be strong and let these things go.

Friends are the secret of Happiness

When someone falls in love, S/he forgets his friends. Get back to your friends. With love making way in your life, you try to spend most of your time with your beloved, S/he becomes your priority in every sense and friends become secondary. But trust me, if someone in the world can make you not feel the absence of your ex is your friends. Try to spend time with your friends. Trust me when I say this, spending more time with opposite sex friends can be more helpful.

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Do what you enjoy most, Go Partying

If you are a party lover, go and party hard. Meet new people and try to enjoy. Don’t let yourself stay aloof, away from the society. Do what you enjoy the most, partying is the best solution.

How to emotionally detach yourself from your ex boyfriend girlfriend after break up

Divert your mind

Whenever your mind thinks about your love past, divert it there and then. Watch comedy films, videos or may be horror films. Stay away from the romantic ones for a little time. If you talk about your past with your friends, Stop and divert your mind. Change the topic, as talking more about him/her can weaken you emotionally.

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Prepare a list

If nothing works out, prepare a list of 10 things which you hated about your ex.  Write in BOLD and pin it in your room, whenever your mind tricks you and takes you to your past. Read those 10 worst things about your ex you hated. Read them aloud and tell yourself, why it is good s/he is no more in your life.

Block Your Ex

Block your ex boyfriend/girlfriend from social networking sites, their number and all other places. Staying in contact means giving life back to the emotional strings you have broken. This is very important for you to move on in your life and get emotionally detached.

Stay away from emotional quotes

After a breakup, most of people love to put sad statuses related to love break up or I miss you pics. Do not like love, break up and such pages or groups, that will only increase your pain. And as much as you think about your love past, the more you will miss the past which will not let you get emotionally detached.

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All these tips will only work when you actually want to get rid of your past. Only when you want to move on and break all the emotional strings attached with your ex and you want to Emotionally detach yourself from your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

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