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Whenever we are sad, happy, upset, angry or broken, all we need is a HUG. Why?? Why is Hug a sure shot solution for almost all problems? Be it kids, adults, oldies, pets or anyone, HUGS are for all. Be is a physical pain, emotional pain, loneliness or Love, Hugs fits in at every place.

Well, there are so many types of hugs, but medically, a proper deep hug where the hearts are pressed together is the best!

sometimes all you need is a hug

Interesting Facts about Hugs and Hugging

  • 21 January is the day when the whole world celebrates an annual unofficial event named, Happy Hugging Day.
  • It won’t be wrong is we say, that HUG stands for – Healing, Understanding and Gratitude.
  • Autistic people hate being hugged or giving hugs.
  • 8 Hugs a day provides a mental stability and 12 Hugs a day improves psychological development of a person. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you get 12 hugs a day!
  • On an average, people spend one hour a month hugging! Shocked? That’s a fact.
  • On an average, a hug is around 10 seconds long.
  • A hug is equally beneficial for both, the one who is hugging you and the one who is being hugged due to the reciprocal nature of touch.
  • A proper deep hug can end even the biggest fights with ease.
  • A study shows that children who get less hugs, learn to walk and learn to speak late.
  • A hug a day can improve any relationship by reducing the feeling of insecurity and strengthening trust.
Gif- Reddit.com
Gif- Reddit.com

Medical Facts about Hugs and Hugging

  • Hugs reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure.
  • Hugs releases endorphins that are also known as feel good chemicals. Endorphins reduce tension and stress and calms you.
  • Hugs boost Oxytocin levels, which reduces the feelings of Loneliness and Anger.
  • 8 Hugs a day reduces the risk of Heart Diseases.
  • A hug in bed can treat insomnia.
  • Hugs stimulates Thymus gland, which balances the production of White Blood cells.
  • Hugs boost the Immune system and strengthens it.
  • Hugs releases the Dopamine also known as Pleasure hormone.
  • Hugs are known as a miracle drug that can lesser any pain and make you feel better

I need a hug

Now, when you know Hugs are free, makes you healthier and strengthens your relationship, then it is time to get up at get a hug and ofcourse, Go and give Hugs to everyone you care for. Open your arms and hearts for your loved ones and gift them a healthier and happier life.

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