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How to deal with tantrums of children and kids? 

One of the most important rules of parenting is that you should know how to deal with tantrums of children and kids. It is said that kids are the greatest gift of God, but when these sweet and innocent kids starts yelling and throwing tantrums, they can turn any heaven into a hell. Most of the times it happens all of the sudden. At one minute your kid is playing with blocks and at another minute he starts yelling because he can’t find a block he is looking for. Child tantrums can be really frustrating and irritating as many times you don’t even know why your kid is throwing tantrums. So, being a parent, you keep on asking how to deal with tantrums of children and kids. Different people have different views when it comes to dealing with kid’s tantrum. However, in this post, we will help you and we will let you the tips and tricks on how to deal with tantrums of children and kids. But, before that we need to understand why a kid throws tantrum?

Source: www.mnn.com
Source: www.mnn.com

Why does a child throw tantrums?

The very first reason behind it is that, he is not able to express himself properly. He don’t not have enough vocabulary to tell you about the issue. For example: Your kid likes to eat his food in red bowl, but you served him in a blue bowl. Now, instead of saying that “I don’t like blue bowl, it looks ridiculous”, he starts throwing tantrums like not eating food or throwing food etc.

The second and important reason is that little kids and children follows a simple routine and even a slightest change in that routine makes them feel irritated. For example: A kid plays with his ball for 20 minutes daily, but on one day you want to stop him just after 5 minutes because you have to go to a party. To hell with your party, he wants to play for 20 minutes no matter what. Deny it and see the result.

Another reason could be the attention. Being an adult we need attention so why not a kid? He wants to be pampered and wants all the attention. For example: Shower some love on another kid in front of your kid and see how your kid will start yelling and screaming.

Last and the basic reason is that he is just an innocent kid. He doesn’t know what is good for him or what is bad for him. He just wants the thing, unaware of its side effects. For example: You know that eating more chocolate is not good for him, but for him only taste matters nothing else. Although, there is still need to control these tantrums. That’s the reason we are writing the post on how to deal with tantrums of children and kids.

How to deal with tantrums of children and kids?

  • Keep calm: The very first and important thing for you is to calm down yourself. Don’t lose your patience level. You are not a kid to throw tantrums over your child tantrum. It’s in kid’s nature to throw tantrum and you can’t stop it. You can just make it reduce the level of tantrum. Take a few deep breaths and relax. If you are calm and cool, the kid will also stop yelling. But, please don’t yell at him.
  • Try to know the reason behind the tantrum: Now, this is a tricky part. When a kid is in his tantrum mode, he doesn’t listen to anybody. It’s your duty to find out why is he doing so? What does he want? Is he hungry? Does he want to sleep? Is he having any physical problem like pain in teeth or stomach? Go to him and look into his eyes and ask him. Ask as many times as possible and finally he will point out what’s the issue.
  • Do funny things: Try to distract the kid by doing something funny. Dance for him, make weird faces for him or play some music/TV. The only aim of doing this is to distract him from the main point. You can also offer something as an alternative. For example: If your kid is asking for a chocolates, give him fruits. If he wants to go outside, take him upstairs or to another room. This doesn’t work every time but you never know.
  • Ignore: This is the best way to deal with kid’s tantrum. Just ignore them, they will cry for a few minutes and will finally give up. Although, it is hard to see a kid crying, but when nothing works, you have to do it. Leave the room and keep a check on the kid from some distance. Make sure he is not hurting himself. You give up on him and he will give up on his tantrums.
  • Offer a choice they can’t refuse: There is always something(s) which is precious to kids. Be it some kind of food, any special toy or even a person. So, whenever your kids try to throw tantrum, offer him his precious thing.

Quick Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t accept all his tantrums and fulfill all his wishes.
  • Let him know that you are the one who is in control and not him.
  • Instead of a simple plain “No”, explain to him why you are saying no.
  • Don’t ever yell at kids, it makes the situation worse.
  • Seek help of some elder or someone experienced.
  • Make your kid feel loved as many times a kid just wants to be getting loved.

And no matter how hard you try to deal with  tantrums of children and kids, it’s his birth right to throw tantrums.

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