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Life becomes a Nightmare when you have to deal with Hair fall problem. Hairs make a girl look prettier, you can add oomph to your personality with makeup, fake eyelashes, high heels, branded clothes, but nothing can take place of beautiful Hairs. Black, Long, lustrous and healthy hairs, these 4 words seems like a beautiful dream in today’s World, Isn’t it? Every girl in this world would die for long, lustrous, healthy and beautiful black hairs and why not? Hairs are the beauty secret of any girl. Dealing with Hair fall problem becomes easier, when you have Home Remedies to get rid of Hair fall problem. These remedies are safe, natural and free from chemicals. Now these home remedies will help you get rid of Nightmares of getting bald that have kept disturbing you.

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Today, there is so much pollution in the air, so many chemicals in the Hair products. Hair fall is the biggest problem we all are facing. Then what to do to get healthy hairs? How to get rid of Hair fall Problem? Before talking about the home remedies of Hair fall, let’s bust out the myth of Hair fall with which, most of the companies are selling their products scaring you like anything.

Let’s bust the myth and then know the home remedies that can help you get rid of Hair Fall in matter of few weeks.

Hair Fall- The Myth

Hair Fall Problem Solutions

Everyone is so worried about hair fall, that people do not realize that, Are they actually having a problem, or is this hair fall normal. Do not get shocked, and keep reading. Yes, If you could remember, a few years back there were no conditioners in the market and before that, there used to be a single shampoo from every single company and no variants for your Hair problems. Then why did they come up with, different variants for smooth hairs, hair fall and all other problems.

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Actually, hair fall is natural. Yes, it is a normal human being loses 100 hair strands a day and that is very much normal and healthy. What companies are doing is, to sell their products they make you believe that your hair falling might lead you to baldness. You are losing your hairs from the day you born, why didn’t you get bald? Think about it….

Does this mean, there is nothing like Hair Fall Problem? No, there is a problem named Hair fall. When you lose your hairs badly-

  • You comb and get a big amount of hairs falling and breaking
  • You wash your Hairs and find lots of hair on the floor
  • You don’t do anything, but still you find your back with lots of hairs on it
  • You wake up in the morning and find out that your pillow and your hairs were romancing all night

That’s the alarm!! Now when, you know, that you really have harmful problem, what’s next? You must have tried lots of products, expensive, promising but nothing happens. Here are some easy Tips and Tricks, which are surely going to benefit you, tried and tested for sure.

Your hairs need some air and some nutrients as well.

Let’s go in your kitchen and find something for your hairs.

Hair Fall Home Remedies

hair pack for hairfall probem


Take a ripe banana and 1 Vitamin E capsule, put them in a mixer. Blend them until you get a super soft paste. Apply the paste on your hair length and scalp for at least half an hour. This will give a lot of nutrition and strength to your scalp and hair. You can wash your hairs after half an hour.
Note: Make sure you make a fine paste, or you might end up fighting with your hair.

Lemon + Honey

Add 1 tablespoon Lemon juice in 3 tablespoon honey. Make the mixture in the ratio of 1:3 depending on how much quantity you need for your hair length. Apply the mixture from root to tips. This will give you hair strength, nutrition and a shine.

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Fenugreek + Mustard Oil

Add half teaspoon fenugreek seeds in mustard oil. Put it on the stove, let the fenugreek seeds turn dark brown. Massage the oil on your scalp and hair roots when the oil is Luke warm. If possible, keep the oiled hair overnight, or for at least 1 hour. Wash your hair twice if needed.

Aloe Vera

Peel Aloe Vera leaf, put it in the mixer to get a fine paste. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and use the mixer again. Apply the paste on your scalp and hair length. Use a shower cap and wait for at least 1 hour.  Wash your hair and you will find your hair much healthier, smoother and shinier. Aloe Vera also helps your hairs grow faster.
Note: You can buy Aloe Vera Gel as well

Egg and Yogurt

Beat two eggs and add it in 1 cup yogurt. Blend the mixture to dissolve eggs in yogurt completely. Apply on the scalp and hair length. Wear a shower cap if needed. Leave it for half an hour. Wash your hair and you are done. Yogurt and egg give strength to the scalp and egg also acts like a natural conditioner which leaves your hair shinier and tangle free.


Oiling your hair and scalp are very important to give the hair roots strength to hold on hair. Add coconut oil, almond oil and Sesame oil in equal quantity. Heat the oil and massage your scalp and hair length when the oil mixture is Luke warm. Wait for at least half an hour or if possible overnight before washing your hair.

I hope you will try these remedies. Do not forget to give a feedback if you get rid of Hair fall Problem.

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  1. Hello Payal
    nice tips to care about hairs.
    Yes, you are right hair fall is natural But when it happened in bulk Then we should think about.
    You mentioned very good tips.
    Will try this. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks Riya

    Yes, the brands use the word Hairfall to scare people and sell their products. But most of the time people face natural hairfall. Taking care of diet and using good home remedies to get rid of hairfall is always the best solution.


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