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Sound Sleep is the need and want of your body. We all know that Sleep is important for your overall health. There are many important health benefits of sleep which will surprise you. A good night’s sleep is like a rejuvenating experience for your inner body and soul. Medically a person must have at least an 8 hour relaxing sleep to keep the body and mind fit. You will be shocked to know, but a good sleep can help you have a good relationship with others too. You will be getting more surprising reasons for having a good 8 hour sound sleep.

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Given below are 10 Surprising and important health benefits of sleep, which you will definitely love to know about.

health benefits of sleep

The Secret of Happiness

You must have seen or heard that the reason a small baby in enjoying and playing around is, he has got proper sleep. Yes, the secret of happiness is in sleep and all the kids around the world telling us so. If you have proper sleep, you will feel happy and enjoy all your work.

A good and relaxing sleep makes us receptive towards positive emotions and thus we feel happier.

Keeps you in Good Shape

Surprise! Surprise!

Yes, Proper sleep helps maintain weight and keep you in good shape. Lack of sleep slows down metabolism, which in turn increases your weight. A scientific research at Uppsala University in Sweden has found that a good night’s sleep, maintains the body metabolism, which in turn helps in keeping you in good shape.

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Improves Immunity

Lack of proper sleeps weakens immunity making you prone to diseases like flu, cold and infections. So, if you want to strengthen your immunity make sure you get a proper good night’s sleep of at least 8 hours.

Improves Memory

A good sleep gives your mind and memory some rest. When you wake up a fresh, your mind is calm which improves your concentration and you are able to remember things properly. With mind sought out you do work efficiently without mistakes. So as a whole, a good sleep is a memory booster.

Longer Life

A good sleep improves your immunity, strengthens heart, maintains weight, keeps you happier and positive. All these things are important and necessary to stay Fit mentally and physically and a Happy and fit person will definitely live a healthy and longer life.

Boosts Energy

With a proper sleep, we give all our vital organs some time to have some rest. Even a machine working 24/7 can’t perform efficiently, we are humans. Giving rest to our vital organs from time to time makes them work effectively and efficiently, thus that boosts our energy and we perform well.

Healthy Heart

A research published in the European Heart Journal showed that people who lacks proper sleep and get sleep for less than 6 hours are at greater risk of stroke or heart attack. When you sleep, all vital organs take rest, even heat. As your body isn’t doing any work, you need less pumping of blood, which gives some rest to the heart. So, if you love, your heart go and get a good night’s sleep.

Stronger Relationships

Yes, a good night’s sleep can work wonders on your relationships. When a person is not having a proper sleep it will hamper his mood resulting in irritation and arguments. But a person who is having a good night’s sleep will feel fresh, stay happier and calm will avoid arguments which will strengthen a relationship.

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Decreases Stress Level

A proper sleep keeps the mind calm and fresh which helps to decrease stress levels. So if you are facing a period full of stress, stop worrying about things, get in your bed and sleep for a while. You will wake up with a fresh mind to solve your problems much easily.

Enhances Beauty

We all want to look beautiful and a good night’s sleep enhances the overall beauty. With proper sleep you will get no under eye baggages, no dull skin and no dark circles. A good sleep works wonder on the inner and outer body. A good sleep keeps us fresh all day, gives glow to the skin and face. Ever seen small kids, they all look beautiful. They get proper sleep, be it day or night, home or outside, If they want to sleep they will sleep. We all can’t do that, but what we all can do is not negotiating with our sleep.

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