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High heels are the need of today’s world. Be it your formal parties or informal events, girls need to properly dress up and heels complete your total look. Yes, definitely high heels give you that amazing look, makes you look tall and in fashion. High heels, suits every dress you wear, be it jeans, Indian attire or westerns. But are high heels good your health? What are the health issues and risks of wearing high heels?

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Let’s find out the Health Risks Involved by Wearing High Heels

The average woman wears heels everyday. No doubt heels give you a nice trendy look, but do you have any idea what that heel below your footwear is doing to you? The pain you feel in your lower legs and ankles in just a glimpse, there are many more issues of wearing heels, which you cannot feel right now. Here’s how high heels affect different parts of your body


Well, you wear your heels down there over your feet, so lets start from feet. What are those high heels doing with your feet? Normally, your feet act like weight-distributing shock absorbers that cushion your skeleton from jumping, running and pounding. When you pack your feet in high heels, you actually shift much of your weight on the balls of your feet and your tiny, delicate toe bones.

The higher the heel, the bigger and dangerous the impact is. According to a study, they have found that four-inch heel can put pressure on the front of the foot by 30 percent or more.

Keeping your feet curved from heel-to-toe, the transition becomes abrupt, forcing you to keep your feet in slanting position. Staying like this all the time will damage your bone and not to forget blisters and ingrown toenails.

high heel damage

Ankles and Calves

After feet comes Calves and legs, wearing heels forces your ankles to bend forward, a position that could restrict circulation of blood in your lower limbs. If you wear high heel every day for long hours, you might end up damaging spell spider veins.

Walking with high heels all day long everyday can also stiffen your Achilles tendons. Achilles tendons anchor your calf muscles upto your heels, causing your calves to bunch up. You might have been getting trouble walking in flats or bare feet after getting out of your heels, that’s because your heels are troubling your Achilles tendons.


Now comes knees, don’t get shocked you heels does impact and damage all your body. Knees also work as shock absorbers just like those springs. When you jump you bent your knees a bit while coming down, right? The knee is the largest joint in your body, but the frequent use of high-heels by your feet puts extra stress on the inner sides of the knees. In the long run you might be damaging your knees that won’t be even repairable.

high heel damage bones


To keep from keeling over in stacked shoes, you have to thrust your hips forward, arch your back, and push out your chest. That familiar sexy stance works the outer hip muscles and tendons hard (and not in a good way).


Do you wear heels? You must be having sore lower back. Yes, that pain is a gift of your high heels. In order to keep your feet in high heels and to help you move easily, your spine needs to sway unnaturally. And when for a long period of time your spine sways unnaturally, it stresses your lumbar erector spine muscle.

Apart from these, wearing high heels can be very risky. You cannot run, there are more chances that you twist your feet while walking in heels and do harm to your muscle tissue or even break your bone.

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Like the vital parts of your body, your limbs and bones too need comfort and rest. Your heels give unnatural height to you and impact the comfort of your bone structure. As a result, you have stiffness, pain and in the worst cases you can dislocate your bone. Give some rest to your body parts, if you cannot avoid wearing heels, try to wear short heels, try wedges or platforms. Lets your feet relax whenever you can remove your heels. Do not stay on heels every day for longer hours, you might be feeling good today,  but you are spoiling the tomorrow of your body.

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