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What is Dry Eye Syndrome

We all have to face the issue of Dry eyes, but do you know what is and why does it happen? If you are facing dry eyes, it means your eyes are no longer able to produce enough tears that your eyes need to keep themselves moisturized and humid. Or, your eyes are producing poor quality tears that are not sufficient enough to keep your eyes moisturized. Almost everyone suffers from dry eyes, especially today, when most of our times are spent in front of Laptops, computer or Smartphones. At one point or another we all face the issue of Dry Eyes, but if you frequently feel the dry eye then you must take them seriously. It can be a sign or symptom of a more permanent condition which is medically termed as, dry eye syndrome. According to the American Association of Ophthalmology, the number of chronic dry eye patients are increasing rapidly. There is nothing to worry about, because today we are going to share Home cure for Dry eyes.

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Common Causes of Dry Eye

  • With growing age, problem of Dry eyes can be noticed. If not taken proper care it can become a permanent problem. Dry Eyes are more common in post-menopausal women due to hormonal changes.
  • Some medications like antihistamines, birth control pills, antidepressants, some blood pressure medications and diuretics can also result in Dry Eyes.
  • Air conditioner, Heaters and even dry air directly on the face can also be the reason. Sometimes weather change and hot, dry winds of summer can also bring the symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Environmental factors such as allergies can also result in Dry Eyes.
  • Long-term contact lens use, usually ends in Dry eyes
  • Many patients complain about Lasik dry eye, after the Lasik surgery.
  • Overexposure or excessive use of computers, TV screen or Smartphones can also be the cause of Dry eyes.

Common Symptoms of Dry Eye

  • A burning, stinging or grainy sensation in one or both eyes.
  • Persistent discharge from one or both eyes.
  • Excessive tearing or no tearing at all from one or both eyes.
  • Irritation when the contact-lens is used in one or both eyes
  • Redness in one or more eyes
  • Feeling of dryness in one or both the eyes.

Home cure for Dry Eyes with Home Remedies

  • Damp a cotton cloth in warm water and keep it across your eyelids for a couple minutes.
  • Boil 1 tablespoon fennel seeds in 1 glass of water and let it reduce half. Let it cool down and refrigerate. Soak 2 cotton balls in the fennel seed, water and keep it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes everyday.
  • Keep Cucumber slices for 5-10 minutes every-day to soothe and relax your eyes and eye muscles.
  • Keep moist tea bad on the eyes (Normal tea/green tea). Wait for 10-15 minutes. Repeat everyday.
  • Get Aloe Vera gel and freeze it in an Ice cube tray. Now use Aloe Vera gel frozen cubes to massage eyes. Use it everyday.
  • Grate a potato and keep the grated potato on both eyes. Wait for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.
  • Put drops of cold rose water in your eyes twice daily to keep your eyes moisturized.

Do’s and Don’ts to keep Dry Eye Syndrome away

  • Try to wash your eyes with clean and cold water twice a day, to keep the eyes clean.
  • Turn off ceiling fans when possible, or do not look straight towards the fan.
  • Use a humidifier so you can keep the air of the room moisturized.
  • Change your Diet and add omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil supplements to give more nutrition to your eyes.
  • Use lubricating/rewetting eye drops to keep the moisture of your eyes maintained.
  • Keep your eyes blinking.
  • If you feel dryness in your eyes close your eyes for a few minutes or wash them with cold water immediately. DO not keep looking at your television screen, Computer or Smartphone.
  • Keep a check on your eyes with the help of a Doctor.

If not taken proper care of dry eyes, chronic dry eyes can even lead to dangerous infections or even eyesight loss. So, please keep your eyes healthy and safe. Visit your eye doctor to have your eyes thoroughly checked once in a few months.

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