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You must have heard, “Control your Anger, before it controls you.”

Anger management is something, everyone needs in today’s world. Be it a small child, adult or an old age person. Everyone today wants to know, How to control your anger. It isn’t easy for anyone to control anger, but it has become the need of today. Anger might seems a small thing at first but it can lead to serious effects in one’s life. You might have noticed that patience is the key to anger management, but as we get busier in our lives, we start living for money and materialistic gains rather than happiness. As the inner happiness subsides, the frustration starts building up which results in frustration, irritation and thus Anger outbursts. But before you read further, let us know, if you actually need anger management or not?

Source- terapiapsi.com
Source- terapiapsi.com

Do you really need to learn, How to control your anger?

Getting angry is perfectly healthy and normal, only till the time it is under your control. You must be thinking if you actually need to learn, How to control anger? If most of your answer to the following points is YES, then you must go for anger management-

  • Do you become violent when you are angry?
  • Do you hurt people emotionally when you are angry?
  • Do you bang things around you when you are angry?
  • Do you use abusive language and swear words on top of your voice when you are angry?
  • Do you hurt yourself physically when you are angry?
  • Do you get angry for small and useless things?
  • Have people started telling you things like
    – You get angry for no reason
    – You shout for no reason and all
  • Do you repent about the things you do or decisions you take in anger, after you calm down?
  • Is your anger becoming the reason that people are scared of coming close to you?
  • Are your near and dear ones going away from you because they think you have become annoying and irritating?

So now when you know that your anger is no more just anger but has become THE ANGER which should be treated now. We are going to tell you some simple yet effective ways which not only will help you calm down but will also help you control your anger. Learning to control anger and to express it appropriately not only will help you stay more happy but will also help you build better relationships, achieve your goals easily, and lead a healthier, content and more satisfying life.

Constant anger not only hurts your physical health but also makes you more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, a weakened immune system, insomnia, high blood pressure and can also lead to depression. Not just personally but uncontrolled anger can ruin your career and professional reputation too. Showing your anger and frustration on your colleagues, supervisors, or clients will impact on your professional career as well as will erodes their respect for you. What’s more bad then a bad reputation following you wherever you go, making it harder and harder to go ahead in life.

Simple yet effective ways of Anger Management

  1. Accept the fact that you need to manage your anger

It is important to accept the problem before you start working on the problem. Once you accept that you have anger issues, half the problem gets solved itself. Yes, Trust me when I say this. When your inner self knows you are dealing with some issue, you unknowingly start working on it. This is human psychology.

Whenever you will get angry, psychologically, rather than thinking about the thing that triggered your anger, you would be thinking about the anger you are dealing with. Mind gets diverted and half of the problem is gone. Simple, isn’t it?

  1. Stop running in life, Sit and relax a bit

It’s been a while that you have not spend time just for some happiness and fun. Too much work and stress is the reason that most people are getting affected by anger. Keep your work aside, stop and look around you. The beautiful nature, your family and friends, the love they shower on you. Go and spend some time with them.

  1. Move

When you get angry, move. Yes, move from that place. Go to other room, terrace, balcony or may be a loo break. Yes, that works. When you stay around people or things that triggered your anger, the best way is to move aside. When you will come back after a few minutes, may be those people or things are still there, but your irritation and anger would probably come down.

  1. Meditation

Well, we all know, meditation is answer to so many of our problems and health issues. Meditation calms down our mind and body, thus results in anger management. Even a 5 minute meditation can do wonders to reduce your stress and manage your anger. If possible, do it in a calm place. No noise, and fresh air helps one meditate with more pleasant after effects.

  1. Accept your mistakes

There are chances that you did something wrong, rather than arguing about things, accept your mistake to ease things out. Doing mistakes is ok, everyone does it and there is nothing wrong if you did one too.

  1. Start thinking positive

Life is not a bed of roses but it does have thorns. Forget your bitter experiences and start thinking positive about things. Thinking negative about each and everything only makes you more stressed out which results in anger and frustration. If life has been bad, life would have definitely been good to you too.

  1. Make a to-do list

It might seem funny in start, but that’s the best stress reliever. Make a to-do list and let me remind you that no work things in the list please. Only things that give you happiness, all the things you always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Either because of lack of money or time. It is time now, to stop worrying about things and enjoy your life. It is your life, be a little selfish and think about you and yourself.

  1. Amend your friendlist

Don’t be surprised, you need to make changings to your friendlist. Cut the ones who crib and cry over things, and add those who stay happy and are humourous. Staying with people who are lively, will make you lively. And being with people who only know how to crib over things and cry will make you more negative in life.


Staying happy or not is in your hand. It is you who have to decide, what is more important – The stress and success or happiness and calmness. You can earn millions, work 24 hours and get satisfied with the success you earned but you might be losing the smile on your parents face, that warm hug from your partner, the innocent laughter of your kids, the fun moments with your friends.

There are many therapists who give anger management sessions, you can go and spend lakhs there, but in the end you would only realize one thing- It was all in your own hands. There is time, think about it and make your life happier by controlling your anger.

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