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The biggest problem every boy face today is, How to escape from friend zone?  You have met the girl of your dreams and are madly in love, but now the dangerous situation of being friendzoned is in front of you. Every time a boy tries to propose a girl, he gets scared not to get the reply – ‘We are Just Friends’. Hmm…. You all must want to know what to do to save yourself from being trapped in this “Friendzoned”. We all know that to reach LOVE zone one has to cross Friend zone, but no one knows how to not get trapped into the Friendzone. Today, I am going to share you some great tips that will certainly help you out from this horror of Being Friendzoned.

Tips to Escape from Friend zone

Danger zone friend zone

Dive into Friend zone

Don’t get shocked! If you want to reach the love zone, you have to cross the Friend zone, so relax and just dive into it. Become her friend, the friend she can trust the most. And once she gets used to you and your friendship, the real Escape from Friend Zone starts.

Remove your Shoulder

Girls are very emotional and always look for shoulder’s to cry on. God has given them so many reasons to cry on… Phew!! Anyways, Use your brain and find a way to remove your shoulder. Do not look as if you are avoiding her. Most guys who give their shoulder’s either end up in a deep friend zone or always are remembered when a shoulder is needed.
Help your special one with care but do not become a doormat!

Look in her eyes

You must have heard, Eyes are a reflection of the soul. Look in her eyes with all the love and look until she is either forced to look other side or blush. Do not scare her, better you practice this in front of a mirror if you are not sure you can show your love from your eyes.
Eyes never lie, and the love will for sure reach her with this direct eye to eye contact. Whenever you talk look in her eyes and give her the smile of her life. She would ask you, What are you looking at? Be ready with your answer that can break the Friend Zone.

Show your Love not friendship

Touch is the key. I am sure, you know what I mean. Be a man and whenever you get that moment, show her your love from the touch. But make sure to restrict yourself as soon as you feel that she is uncomfortable.
If you are still confused, you may start with a touch on her hand while walking and if she doesn’t resist you can let your hands cuddle a bit. Or while watching a movie, try to accidently touch her hand while eating popcorns and if she doesn’t feel uncomfortable, you can keep your hand on her shoulder.

get out of friend zone by showing love through touch

Make her feel special

Girls love being treated special. Remember small details about her, like what she likes and what she don’t, her birthday and special occasions. Do not forget to compliment her, of course not those filmy cheesy ones.

Let her miss you

Don’t sms or call her every now and then. Let her miss you, this is the most crazy moment. You will love it, when she will be missing you and you know that.
Bang on!! If she has started missing you, you are on the right track. Girls miss only in two circumstances, one when they need your help or when they are falling in love.

Plan a Sample Date

You know it’s a date and she has no idea. Just two of you and a simple date like a movie, lunch, or some casual stuff. Do not get over excited to plan a proper date. Her reactions on your romantic gestures will help you know if she knows about your feelings or is still treating you just as a friend.
When you get a chance at the sample date you can try to be a little romantic. Avoid being friendly and let your manhood speak.

Make your Final Move

You know how she reacts on your romantic gestures, and you know her reaction on the sample dates. If her reaction is positive, propose her now.
But If her reactions are still shabby, start avoiding her all of a sudden. She will get confused and worried about this new situation. And whenever she pops her question about what has happened, tell her you have fallen for her badly, madly and crazily.

Hope this help you get the love of your life and help you escape from friend zone and enter the Love zone.

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