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Facts about nails are unknown to many, and few of them are very interesting that most of us don’t even know. We know that nails beautiful our hands and feet, but there’s a lot more to nails. Some of these facts are really interesting, but most of them are methodical. Do you know your nail has parts that combine and make nail? There are many more fascinating and Interesting facts about nails you will love to know. So, here are a number of fascinating & interesting facts about nails you never knew.

Interesting Facts about Nails

Parts of a Nail

Nail that you paint or look from the top of the finger is just 1 part of the nail, there are many other parts. The main parts of a nail are Proximal nail fold, Cuticle (Eponychium), Lunula, Nail, Plate, Nail bed, Lateral Nail Folds, Distal edge of Nail Plate and Hyponichium. Confused? Look this pic.

all part of nails in detail

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Growth of a Nails

Do you know, your dominant hand fingernails grow faster than your other hand fingernails. Fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month, whereas toenails grow an average of 1.6 millimeters a month.

Temperature and Nails

Do you know temperature affects the growth of your nails? Nails grow faster in summers and warm condition. In winters the growth rate of nails slows down.


Our whole body sweats, every part of our body sweats, but Nails don’t sweat. This is a universal fact, but we just never noticed about it.

White Spots on Your Nails

White spots on nails are not because of Calcium Deficiency. Okay, we all have heard this and are still hearing it every now and then, this is a very famous MYTH. Although it can be because of deficiency of Calcium, zinc, vitamin or there can be other reasons too. But a white spot on nail doesn’t surely mean a calcium deficiency. Other than nutrient deficiency, pressure or trauma to the nail plate can also make that white spot.

Men vs Women Nails

Nails of Men tend to grow faster than the nails of  women. Now that’s something really interesting. Women need and long for longer nails and men’s nail grows faster. Only exception – Women’s nail grow much faster than anyone and anything during pregnancy.

nails manicure with beautiful nail paint

Nails and Hairs

Nails and Hairs have a relationship, a lesser known one. Both Nails and Hairs are made up of the same stuff known as Keratin. So next time when taking care of your diet for hairs, you will see a significant difference in heath of your nails too.

Nails separate Primates from Mammals

Most of the mammals have claws and the primates (including humans) have fingernails. Woah!! We all have known but never realized that the difference between Claws  and fingernails…. Interesting and fascinating!

What is Nail Biting called?

Ok, now don’t say nail biting is nail biting… he he he

Nail biting is a nervous habit and is known as Onychophagia. According to a research, most of people get rid of this habit of nail biting on their own by the age of 30. Nail biting is not harmful, but sometimes swallowing nail bits can cause problem in the long run.


Image Source

Nails Breathe

If you like painting your nails, hold on and read this. Nails do breathe and your nail paint is killing your nails. The hardest thing on the tip of your finger adjoining nail is a living tissue. It breathes  and oxygen penetrate through the nail plate to nail bed. Your nail paint suffocates your nail bed, makes it dry and makes your nail weaker.

Stress and Sleep affect Nails

Your stress levels can inhibit nail growth. Having improper sleep due to increased stress can also affect nail growth. Stress and improper sleep diverts energy and nutrients away from nails. So next time you find your nails getting weaker, check your sleeping habits and keep calm.

Why can’t we stand nails on a chalkboard?

Just the thought of nail scratching on chalkboard makes you cringe, are you cringing? He he!

Ok, lets see why do we cringe? According to a research, the noise that is made by nails on chalkboard gets amplified by shape of ear canals. Whatever may be the reason, the noise is really bad and writing about it is making me cringe. God help me!

nails on chalkboard cringe

What’s the Role of Cuticles

The cuticles around your nails are to lock down the moisture of the nails which keeps the nail moisturized and strong. Not just sealing moisture, cuticles also ensure that germs stay out of nail bed. Make sure not to upset cuticles and if you have a cuticle injury, treat it as soon as possible.

Nails need Blood to Survive

Nails need blood, oxygen and nutrients for a proper growth. An injury on nail mostly results in the nail falling off after becoming black and blue. The black and blue of the nail after injury shows how delicate our nail beds are. The blood used by nail plate soon after injury makes the nail turn black and blue.

nail injury black and blue

Nails are the window to your Health

Do you know, your nail tells a lot about your health. Trust me, shape, size, colors and lines on your nails are enough to tell your doctor about your health. Lung Diseases makes your nails look blueish. Every color of nails has different stories to tell, whitish nails, yellowish nails or even banded nails. Next time you see some strange things going or a color change in your nails, Consult a doctor.

Hope you liked all these interesting facts about nails. If you think I missed out with any facts, please feel free to share more interesting facts about nails.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m facing an issue since five years, that a black line occurred on my nails. Doctors keeping silence while asking. Any reason for this ???

  2. Hi Anas

    Nails are a mirror of Overall health of a person. I am writing a post on the Nail problems that define health problems and will publish it in a few days. I hope you will get the answer to your query in the same. Keep visiting us 🙂


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