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There are times in every woman’s life when she desperately needs some help to keep their beauty intact. That’s when these life changing beauty hacks came into light. You might not feel the need of these life changing beauty hacks now, but there would come a time when these beauty hacks will become your beauty savior.

Life Changing Beauty Hacks

long lasting lipstick trick
Image- laurenconrad.com

Lipstick that stays with you

No matter, how expensive lipstick you buy, it just won’t stay with you for long hours. And keeping an eye on your lovely lips all the time is not at all so easy. So here’s the Lipstick hack that is going to save you. Apply your normal lipstick and put a tissue paper on your lips. Pat it over your lips and while the tissue paper is over your lips apply some powder. Now remove the tissue paper and apply one more coat of lipstick and you are good to go.

Transform your eye pencil into an intense gel eye liner

Take your eye pencil and put the tip near a flame (lighter, candle or stove) for about 30 seconds. Let it cool down for 15-20 seconds. Voila! Done, now you have an intense, thick and a dark black color, just like a gel liner.

Quick dry nail paints

It happens most of time, when we run short of time and need to paint nail paints. Nail paints need a hell lot of time to dry or else you get the most pathetic nails. So here is a nail paint hack. Next time you paint your nails, keep a bowl of cold water next. Apple nail paint and dip your freshly painted nails in that cold water. Done, you have got perfectly dried nails.

Simple hack for long and fuller eyelashes

Take a brush and dip it in powder and brush your lashes with it. Now apply your favorite mascara. Let it dry. If you need more longer and fuller lashes, repeat the process. Apply powder once again and another coat of mascara. You are done.

Simple hack to apply Mascara without spoiling your makeup

Take any business card, hold it behind your lashes and apply the mascara. You will get more straightened lashes without spoiling your eye shadow or makeup.

French manicure at home

Yes, you can have a French manicure at home. Use the curved end of the band aid to get the perfect French manicure.

Starbucks Napkins Beauty Hack

This is the most weird beauty hack, but it works. Next time you visit Starbucks, do not forget to get a few extra napkins for yourself. Well, Starbucks uses unbleached recycled napkins that make amazing blotting paper. These napkins work amazing for a quick touch-up.

Bobby pins hack that don’t slip away from your Hairs

It does happen, that your bobby pins which you had in your hairs slipped from their place, making your hairs a birds nest. To avoid this situation, here a simple beauty hack. Lay the booby pins on a tissue paper and spray some Hairspray. Now you have the bobby pins that are going to stay in their place and will not slide away anywhere.

Makeup wipes hack

We know how important makeup wipes are for us, but what if we ran out of our make up wipes. Well, here is the best substitute. Baby wipes, Yes, the wipes are the best to replace make up wipes. The baby wipes are easily available, easier to carry and are kindlier to the skin.

Chewing gum in Hairs

Use ice cubes to freeze the chewing gum. Once frozen, chewing gum can easily get out of your hairs.

Plump Lips hack

We all need fuller and plump lips, so here is the plump lips hack for fuller lips. Apply your normal lipstick and then apply a little powder on the center of your lips and apply another coat to make lips look fuller and pouty.

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