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We all live life as it comes. We never stop and think about the previous day, about the wrongs we did, about improving the inner self and about being a good human being. We go with the flow and enjoy our lives as everyone else is. But, somewhere we all have hidden wishes, desires or thoughts about some things which either we have not done or are not able to. Like we all know we must say the truth, but there are times when even though we should not be lieing, we have to. The necessity of our lives forces us to live a life that might be looking good today, but when you will see your life from the death bed you will feel what things should have been done or done differently. When on the deathbed, people have regrets and they do share those regrets with their near and dear ones so they can have a peaceful end.

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You must have heard that people who have experienced near death experiences gets more positive towards life. What is that death teaches us? Do we need to experience death to learn lessons? No, people on their death bed do give advices which one must follow to live a life that is worth living.

People on their deathbed struggle with a great deal of emotions and evaluate their complete lives. Remember the moments that brought them immense happiness and choice they made which were selfish or not good. Ask them about the things they regret the most, the people on death bed have somewhat similar regrets from their lives. There are many regrets, but the most common regret that a person on his deathbed feels regretting the most are mentioned below. These 7 Life regrets and lessons taught by people on deathbed that must be learned not just to make our lives better but also for the people whose lives are associated with ours.

lessons taught on death bed, regrets of dying people

I wish I had the courage to fulfil my Dreams

Everyone during his life has a big list of things he wants to do and things he would never do, be it  a list in their own heads or in their conscious. We all have dreams for our future, be it a lavish life or a pleasant peaceful stay. There are things that we want to accomplish and achieve in our lives. Unfortunately, most of the people get so busy in their daily problems and lives that they get carried away and keep pushing their dreams thinking there is enough time to pursue dreams. After all, there is always a tomorrow waiting for you and your dreams, a tomorrow that never comes.

But on deathbed, when a person looks back at their lives most of everyone regrets of pushing their dreams away. The thought that for some unimportant looking things (unimportant at this stage) how they just kept their dreams aside haunts them. The glitch in the heart that what if I had felt the joy of doing that keeps bugging them. The realization that how important a smile of a fulfilled dream is, how the worth of a dream is much more than the money he earned.

Lesson Learnt

It is important to earn money and have a good life, but don’t wait for a tomorrow to fulfil your dreams. As there is always another tomorrow and no tomorrow ever comes today.

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

We all work and we all work so hard thinking that today is the time to work hard so we can have a better old age. But ask a person who is facing death today, the most common regret is,” I don’t realize when the whole time just passed by, I never realized I lost all the precious moments from my life because I was working and was just working”.

Working people miss the first step of their child, the first time their child said a word. The people who work so hard earn a lot of name and fame and miss out out all the happiness that could have cherished.

Lesson Learnt

It is important to work hard, but at the same time your family, friends and your loved ones are important. Work can give you satisfaction, but your loved ones can give you moments that can give you satisfaction that will always grow.

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

It is always good to show your feeling to your loved ones. The regret that not only the person on deathbed has but also his family and friends feel is, they didn’t show their feelings, they just didn’t tell how much they love. How many times a day, Do you tell or show your love to your loved one? A person on death bed always regrets that he didn’t say, I love you to his loved and once the person is gone, his family and friends regret that even they didn’t tell the deceased how much they loved him.

Many people come and go from your life, some make a mark in your life and stay in your heart forever. But because you are so churned up in your daily life you just don’t express your feelings. Not just Love, but many a times, anger, hurt and other feelings are kept inside and those feelings pressurize you to get away from a person. But when you look at your life from the deathbed, it becomes a regret, they wish they had fought with him and let the anger go away. I would not have lost a friend.

Lesson Learnt

Be it Love, anger, Stress or any feeling, Do not keep it inside. Let it blurt out, these feelings will eventually strengthen your relationship. It will for sure.

dying person hand in hand

I wish I could have spent more time with my Friends/Family

Most of our days are spent with people who are actually not very close to our hearts. Colleagues and office staff, all the precious hours of our life are spent with them. When looking at your life from the deathbed one realizes, that he has not spent a quality time with his loved ones, his parents, family and friends. Now when there is no time left, he realizes the importance of every friends and family member. But now when there is no time left, even when they want to reconnect with friends and family, they just cannot.

Lesson Learnt

Don’t wait for an occasion or time. Your friends and your family must be a priority. Spend quality time with them, after all they are the one who will cry when you die!

I wish I had smiled and stayed more happier

Happiness and Smile are the gifts from GOD, which grows as much as you spend. But one realizes the worth of happiness and smile only when they are facing death. The regret that they were too busy in their life that even when they had a reason to smile they didn’t make them feel bad. Happiness is not something that can be felt only on few occasions, it is a choice that has to be made. You might be waiting all your life for occasions to smile and laugh, but let me tell you you can even smile looking at the sky.  If you have made a choice to smile and stay happy, you will find 1000 reasons to have a smile on your face. No occasions would be needed.

Lesson Learnt

Do not wait for your death bed to realize the importance of happiness and smile. Do not get so busy chasing a better tomorrow that you ruin your today. No matter how harsh life is, find a reason to smile and stay happy. Because of your smile and stay happy, your near and dear one will be happy too. Smile and happiness is contagious.

I wish I was nicer to people

When facing death bed, one realizes how many times they have hurt people for no reason. The reasons for which you have shouted and fought with people now seems stupid and worthless. The regret of hurting people is haunting. The regret that you could have been nicer to people in your life which you didn’t is heart rendering. Because now you cannot even get up and ask for forgiveness. The weight of this regret is on the soul and not just the mind.

Lesson Learnt

Helping and being nicer to others will give you immense pleasure and happiness, but hurting people will give you pain and regrets on death bed. It is your wish to either chose a peaceful end or a painful one.

I wish I had Worked on my Inner beauty rather than Outer

When facing death you realize how important your soul and conscious is. How important to be a good human being was! We all try to look the best, we chose best hairstyles, best dresses and groom ourself to give an everlasting impression to people we meet. But when on deathbed, the importance of inner beauty seems more important, because the people holding your hand and sitting beside you with wet eyes are there only because they know how beautiful human being you have been and not because of your outer beauty.

Lesson Learnt

Looking beautiful and staying groomed is obviously important, but grooming your inner self to become a good human being is much more important.

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  1. Thanks Asmaa, I am glad you liked the article. These 7 tips, lessons and regrets shared by people who are facing death will be able to make your life happier 🙂


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