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Most Strange and Weird Divorces 

Number of cases of divorces  are increasing at an alarming rate at every hour, not just in U.S but almost everywhere in the world. There is always a reason behind a divorce, but you would be shocked to know these Most strange and weird divorces. Divorce can be defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Most of times the divorce takes place because couples don’t get along. You must have heard these lines “we don’t get along”. Couples come to a decision of a divorce when their thinking defers a lot from their partners. Although this is a major cause of divorce, but there are also some cases of divorces which are just weird, strange and bizarre. All these cases were published in the leading newspapers in the respective country. Here we go

strange and weird divorces
Source- loversgenie.com

1.) In Japan, a wife divorced his husband because he was not that into Disney’s “Frozen”. According to her, a person who cannot admire a beauty of such a wonderful movie can never live a happy married life. Strange? Well, the list has just started.

2.) In Italy, a lady filled a case of divorce because her husband brought his mom on his honeymoon. We all love our mothers, but that doesn’t mean you bring her on your honeymoon. Ladies – 1. Men – 0.

3.) In November 2007, a married man got to know that his wife had lied to him about her age. At the time of marriage she told him that she was 24 years old but in reality she was 30 years old. The man got to know this after ten years of marriage and filed a case for divorce the very next day. Well, we understand that ladies do not wish to tell their real ages, but this is just not acceptable.

4.) So you have a parrot in your house? Beware, as in June 2001, a lady asked for a divorced because her parrot started speaking “divorce”, “be patient” and “I love you”. She thought that her husband is having an affair and that’s why the parrot learned these words. However, the court did not accept a bird as an evidence so she was denied of the divorce. Lesson learned.

5.) If you have poor table manners than it may result in your divorce. In Kuwait, a lady, divorced her husband because he used to prefer bread rather than a fork to eat peas. I don’t even eat peas now.

6.) If your wife serves you your least favorite meal then what will you do? In 2012, in England, a man divorced his wife because his wife served him his least favorite meal, tuna casserole. He could just have said that he doesn’t like it. Strange people!

7.) Snoring is a common problem, but that does not mean you will divorce your partner. In China, a lady filed a case of divorce against his husband because he snores too much. According to her, she had not slept a full night’s sleep since marrying the man. No, I don’t have words for this.

8.) Do you love talking or are you too shy. There are also cases of divorce where it took place because the man was very talkative and the lady was too shy. Who told them to get married?

9.) In China, Jian Feng divorced his wife because she was too ugly. He came to know about this when their baby turned out to be ugly. After researching, he found that his wife has spent 100,000$ for plastic surgery before marriage. Now this is serious.

10.) 90 years old Antonio divorced his 96 years old, wife Rosa after he came to know that 32 years before she cheated on him. He ended his 77 years old, married because of an affair which took place 32 years back. Just wondering, how did he come to know about this?

11.) In Saudi Arabia there are some religious guidelines according to which a man cannot see the face of his wife. A couple was spending a happy married life for 30 years, but one night, the husband became curious and tried to lift the veil of his wife when she was sleeping. When wife realized what his husband was doing, she divorced her. How did he spend 30 years?

12.) We all love to clean. But a man was so much obsessive of cleanliness that his wife had to divorce him. According to the wife, the man used to clean everything and keeps on re-arranging furniture. It was all tolerable, but one day he knocked off the interior wall and build it again because it was dirty. Where can I hit my face?

13.) Do you love cake? I am sure you will not love it after reading this. In China, a man divorced his wife because she used to feed him self-made cakes at every hour and at the end of every meal. We understand that you love cooking, but this is just not acceptable. Ladies – 1, Men – 1.

14.) Seems like the ladies of Saudi Arabia are not comfortable with nicknames. A lady in Saudi Arabia divorced her husband because he had saved her name in the mobile phone by the nickname, “Guantanamo”. Wait, what?

15.) Betting can be dangerous. Andrie Karpov from Russia bet on his wife as he was running out of money. He lost her and his wife, Tatiana divorced him and started a new married life with the person who won her. Now this is called Tit for Tat.

Getting married is a big decision. It is a commitment for a lifetime. No one wants to get divorced, but sometimes situations do arise which do not give us any choice. Spend time with your partner, try to understand him, and try to know all the minute details about him and once you are comfortable then you can decide when to get married. I am sure, you would have been really shocked after knowing these unusual, funny reasons that lead to most strange and weird divorces around the world. Think before asking for a divorce, What is important, the relationship, or these weird and funny reasons for divorce? Good luck and have a happy married life.

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