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Flame Test to check if the Baby Wet Wipes you using safe for your baby. Mine baby wet wipes passed the test, Does yours?

Every mom needs the best and the most perfect products for her baby. Not just the best in terms of brand but also we moms check the products in every possible way to reassure ourselves. One such thing which we blindly buy only looking at brands name is Baby WET WIPES. All moms use it and there is no way to check the quality of baby wet wipes. WAIT!!! We can check the authenticity of a wet wipe through this amazing at home test!!! yes Mommies we can!!

We all know that babies skin is way too sensitive than our skin and we need to keep our baby’s skin away from harsh products and chemicals. Chemicals and Harsh products can lead to allergys, infections and skin rashes. Who would want to see their tiny miny babies in pain? SO let’s do this test and check if the baby wet wipes we using for our babies, actually as good as the brand claims?


Things you need for the Flame Test

  • Baby wet wipes ( of the brand you want to perform the test on)
  • Candle
  • Matchstick/Lighter

Let Us Start

“The flame test is really easy but do make sure your little one is not around. Babies are very naughty and we would not want to accidently hurt any baby during this test.”

Light the candle and bring one corner of the baby wipe on the flame. It may take a bit of time, as they are wet. Once they get dried they will burn. Once it starts burning, keep an eye on the smell. Harsh and bad chemicals bring out dark thick black smoke and bad smell. If the smell is that of a burning paper or cloth than your baby wet wipes has passed the test. But Wait!

You now need to blow the fire to check the residue on the baby wet wipes. The black ash left is a good sign only if it is not a hard lump. Hard lump is the result of polyester. And ash is the result of cotton and plant fabric. If your baby wet wipes passes the Flame Test, then congrats. Your choice of getting the best wipe was a success. Do pass on this article and flame test to all the moms you know, so they can check their baby wipes and get the ones which are safe for their babies.

Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes completely burned into ashes, there was no foul smell and the ashes flew away with just a blow :). I am so excited, its not just ,y wipes passed the test but me as a mother too. I chose the best wipes for my baby…. woohooo!! I use Mother Sparsh baby wipes and have conducted the flame test. My baby wipes passed the test and you can see the results in the pics below. Mother Sparsh claims to have 100% plant based fabric wipes which are biodegradable and are 98% water wipes. They are gentle on baby’s skin and I do not have to worry about rashes or skin allergies. And now when Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes have passed the flame test with flying colours. I can recommend Mother Sparsh Wipes to all the moms as now I am assure of their quality. You can BUY MOTHER SPARSH WET WIPES from AMAZON or FLIPKART

Do try the flame test and comment below the results of your wipes with their brand names.


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