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Best Wipes became the Bestest with their Premium Range

As a mom I have always wanted the best for my baby. And I am so proud and lucky to have chosen Mother Sparsh for my baby. They had the best wipes but now they have come up with their premium range which is actually very premium with bit just 99% water based wipes but also these #SuperThickWaterWipes are now made with #MedicalGradeFabric that make these #SensitiveWipes more gentle to baby’s skin. Moreover these wipes are not only good for the baby but also good for mother earth as these wipes are 100% Biodegradable. Let’s read it all in more detai­­­­­­l

What makes #MotherSparshPremiumWipes better than Mother Sparsh wipes!!

You must be thinking why I am comparing wipes of same brand!!! Simple answer, no other brand comes any close to Mother Sparsh for me, so the only one that I could compare with the premium wipes were their own normal wipes.

  • The only problem I faced with Mother Sparsh wipes was its packing. The glue used to fade away after every use and before I could use half of the pack the moisture started fading away. So this feature of Moisture Lock Lid in the premium wipes is bang on. Its so convenient and definitely keeps moisture locked till the very last wipe.
  • The #Premiumbabywipes are 3 times thicker which makes them much more gentle and convenient to use. Imagine cleaning the poop with #ExtraThickBabyWipes :lol ( only a mom to a baby can understand this)
  • The premium wipes are 100% Biodegradable which makes it so more lovable. No harm to nature at all
  • Premium wipes can be used for hand and mouth cleaning as well. Now that’s interesting, I don’t need another wet wipes for my baby’s hand and mouth. So much sorted out 😉
  • These are completely #UnscentedWaterWipes which makes them more safer and healthier for babies

My Experience with Mother Sparsh Wipes

Well!!! My daughter got food poisoning last month and she was going on with vomiting and loose motions. That day I realized the difference between Normal wipes and thicker wipes. Trust me thicker wipes are a saviour when it comes to clean poop.

And because plant derived natural fabric is used, the #ExtraGentleWipes does wonderfully good on my baby’s skin. With so much loose motions I knew my baby’s skin would get rashes but luckily with these wipes I didn’t face any rashes ever. BIG THUMBS UP to the premium unscented mother sparsh wipes. I am totally in love with them.

BUY from Amazon / Flipkart / FirstCry

Price of Mother Sparsh Premium Wipes- 299/- 72 super thick wipes

What I Liked about Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • EVERYTHING without any doubt

One thing that I would like to change in Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • Nothing as such, but they are a little pricey

My rating for Mother Sparsh Wipes is 5 out of 5

Will I buy Mother Sparsh Wipes again?

200% YES. I have always recommend it to mom I know and I will keep doing so. Mother Sparsh Wipes are a mom’s best friend without any doubt. And with Mother Sparsh wipes going Premium with so much more to offer and I have again fallen completely in love with them.

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