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Why is Mother Sparsh Wipes my baby’s best friend?

All moms need the best for their babies, so do I. My munchkin is one year old and from the time she was 6 months, I came across this amazing product from Mother Sparsh and it has become a part of my baby’s basic needs. Doctors these days tells us all not to use wipes because most of the wipes are allergic because of the chemicals used in them. Why can I swear on Mother Sparsh wipes? Because they genuinely are chemical free and so soft and gentle.
Although I am a lucky mom who never faced Baby RASHES except that one day when my tiny little baby was 1 week shy to 6 months. Trust me, rashes comes in a blink of second and become worse in no time. And the rashes are really really tormenting for babies. Looking at your baby crying and in pain is so hard. I was shocked when my DOCTOR blamed it all to my wipe choice. But I am so glad that my friend introduced me to Mother Sparsh or else I would have accepted that all wipes are baby’s enemies.

How to Use Mother Sparsh Wipes

I usually tear it in two parts and clean my baby’s bums and groin area with one, and then re-clean them with the other part. I make sure the wipe comes out completely clean or else I use more.
They are easily available, can be used and disposed with ease. You don’t need to store them to wash them to re-use. Mother Sparsh wipes have definitely made my parenting journey a bit easier. And my baby is doing her best to make it the toughest :lol

Basic Mistake Moms do while using Wipes

  • We moms take a full wipe and clean only with one. That’s the biggest mistake. Tearing the wipe is important. Re-cleaning your baby with a clean wipe is necessary. Because the wet wipes have lots of water, the bacteria travels really fast, so either use a fresh wipe again or the torn part like I do to re-clean or reassure that your baby is complete clean.
  • Use a moisturizer and powder every time you change your baby’s nappy.
  • Choose your baby products wisely.
  • We moms blame Diapers for rashes, but we need to understand rashes could be because of wipes too. Trust me, wipes are bigger criminals than diapers.
  • Thinking that reusable cloth wipes are better than wipes, yes trust me that this is a mistake. Even a completely washed cloth can retain 10gms of feces which can lead to severe rashes in babies. SO using a wet wipe which is chemical free and is made from 100% plant based fabric. And Mother Sparsh wipes are such wipes.

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What I Liked about Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • EVERYTHING without any doubt

One thing that I would like to change in Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • The cover on the wipe package! After using it a few times, the gum thing vanishes and it stays a bit open. Get the flip open covers

My rating for Mother Sparsh Wipes is 4.8 out of 5

Will I buy Mother Sparsh Wipes again?

I use it for my baby and for me too. No other wipes for my family other than Mother Sparsh. It completely justifies its name, it is indeed a Mother’s sparsh.

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