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What is Tinnitus and its Symptoms

Tinnitus is a medical term for ringing in the ears or buzzing in the ear that makes one uncomfortable. The sound can be really annoying as it keeps buzzing every now and then. The noise can come anytime or even in many cases it is continuously irritating the patient. In most cases only the patient can hear the voice, but many times even people sitting nearby can also hear the voices. Tinnitus is not limited to just the voice of ringing in the ears, but also a Hiss, Buzz, Clicks or any other sound. The sounds can be continuous or may occur once in a while. The voice may be a pulsating one or its pitch might be high and loud.

Natural home remedies for tinnitus- ringing in the ears

What Causes Tinnitus

Tinnitus is not a disease, it is just a symptom that can happen due to many reasons.

  • Ear Infection
  • Internal Ear Damage
  • Broken/Bent hairs inside Ears
  • Ear Wax Blockage
  • Stress
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sinus
  • Menieres Disease
  • Otosclerosis
  • Old Age

Apart from these causes, it could be just a temporary problem or some other medical problem. You can try some Natural home remedies for Tinnitus to get rid of ringing in ears.

Natural Home Remedies for Tinnitus


Take a slice of onion and crush it to make a paste. Extract juice from the paste. Lie down and pour 2 drops in the affected area. Use the remedy once in a day, repeat next day if needed.


Take ½ tablespoon mustard oil and add crushed garlic in it. Heat the oil on low flame until the garlic becomes light brown. Pour two drops in the affected Ear. You can use the remedy twice a day. Repeat if needed.

Coconut Oil

Pour 2 drops of lukewarm coconut oil in either in both ears or just the affected ear, to soothe down and pain and relax the tinnitus.


To reduce the discomfort of tinnitus, make natural tea using fenugreek seeds. Just add 1 teaspoon crushed Fenugreek seeds in your normal tea. Do not add milk.
P.S- Pregnant ladies must avoid this remedy.

What to Eat

Eating fresh pineapple can be really good when you dealing with tinnitus. Pineapple helps with increased Blood Circulation.

What not to Eat 

Avoid Salt (labeled as Sodium). Sodium raises blood pressure, which is not good in Tinnitus.

If, even after these home remedies the problem persists, make sure you visit the doctor.

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