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There are several reasons of a tooth ache. Serious throbbing tooth pain can really be hard to tackle sometimes. One cannot eat or even sleep with toothache. There are many ways to cure throbbing tooth pain – You can visit a dentist and have some pain killers and antibiotics or you may get rid of toothache with some natural toothache remedies. Here are some home remedies for toothache and acupressure for toothache which can instantly give you relief from your tooth pain.

home remedies for toothache

Causes of Toothache

Toothache usually occurs due to inflammation. Inflammation can be the result of dental cavities, infection, trauma or gum disease. However, Tooth decay, Cracked tooth, bruxism, sensitive tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, or any other dental complication can also be the reason of toothache. Home remedies and acupressure can deal with a toothache, but you must consult a dentist, if the pain is intense.

Acupressure for Toothache

Acupressure is a simple technique to get rid of toothache. You just need to simultaneously apply pressure on the points mentioned below. You must do Acupressure empty stomach or at least 45-60 minutes after having food.

image- herbalshop.com
image- herbalshop.com

Point A– The point is just below the cheekbone, directly below the pupil.

image- herbalshop.com
image– herbalshop.com

Point B– Between the upper and lower jaws, the point creates a bulge when the teeth are clenched.

Point C– On the outer side of the upper arm, please refer the image.

Point D– (Pregnant women must not use this point)The point is at the webbing between thumb and index finger. You can easily spot the point, it is the highest spot, if the index finger and thumb are brought closer.

Immediate Relief Home Remedies for Toothache

Home remedies are no rocket science, just few simple herbs and stuff from your kitchen to ease your problems. They are easy to make, and have no side effects. Here are some simple, natural home remedies to get rid of Toothache. Before you try any home remedy make sure you brush your teeth, gargle with either a mouthwash or Luke warm water + 1 tablespoon dettol.

Cloves (whole or oil)-

Put 2 cloves under the bad tooth and let the cloves do the work. Or you may get a small cotton ball, put some clove oil and keep it beside the bad tooth.

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Crush 2 garlic cloves and crush them. Add a little black salt to it and apply the paste on bad tooth. You may also crush the garlic with the bad teeth and let it stay there for a few minutes.

Warm Salt Water

Keep the warm salt water in your mouth, swirl it and keep it as long as you can. The water must be warm enough to comfort your bad tooth.


Chew raw onion and keep it with your bad tooth to get rid of pain.

Ice pack

Keep the ice pack over your cheek to give relief to the affected tooth. It will numb down the gums and help you get rid of toothache temporarily.

Hot Tea Bag

Hot tea bag works wonder for toothache. Just keep the warm tea bag in your mouth next to the tooth in pain. Make sure you don’t tear the tea bag.

Guava Leaves

Chew fresh tender guava leaves and keep it beneath the affected tooth for comfort. You may also boil few leaves in water, add a little salt and use this warm water as a mouthwash.

P.S- These are some effective home remedies for toothache, if the pain persists or the pain is severe, consult a dentist as soon as possible. You may share your own natural toothache remedies.

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