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No More Into You

Love poem from a broken heart girl who has been ditched by the one whom she loved and trusted the most. Someone who himself did things to break all the strings attached and could find an easy way out. Sometimes we know what is going on, but still we fight with ourselves to be with the one whom we Love more than ourselves. Letting him go is the right decision, but as they say Love is Blind. No matter how harsh love is or the beloved is, you can’t let him go. Love hurts, yes it does!

This Love Poem is for all who have been in love and experienced the worst……

no more into u -Love poem

This is what you have done to you,

Yes, you are right, I am no more into you.

You Broke the dreamy world of just us two,

Yes, you are right, Who am I now to you.


I gave everything to this relationship,

You left in between and sank it too deep.

Our love once held us both in a tight grip,

You broke the strings to get a loose slip.


What happened in there I have no clue,

Was it something of the past that was due.

You came into my life and went like a Dew,

Yes, you are right, I am no more into you.


By- Payal Bansal

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