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Hey Girlies!!!!! I am so so so excited to introduce you all to this amazing product – Nutrispa Luxurious Dermalight Serum.

This serum is curated to lighten skin tone and remove blemishes and marks. In short to give you all the flawless looking skin. I am so excited to use this product and review it for you all. de you the best solution for your flawless skin.

Packaging of the Nutrispa’s Dermalight Serum

Well talking about the packaging, Nutrispa’s Dermalight Serum comes in a golden packaging with a Rose gold which is very beautiful and inviting. The best part of this product is, it is natural and free from chemicals, parabens and sulphate which have been formulated with pureness and sheerness of the natural ingredients.

Price of Nutrispa Dermalight Serum is Rs. 295 for 40ml, you can get this product from all stores.

What company claims?

Company claims, “The Nutrispa Dermalight Serum is a premium serum that seeps into the skin and leaves incredible effects on the skin. The unique combination of Liquorice and Mulberry brightens the skin while reducing the tan and unwanted dark spots. This serum effectively reduces the blemishes on the skin. This serum helps in achieving flawless skin like never before.

This high performance product is completely non-greasy which is enriched with brightening extracts that alleviate the skin tone. The ingredients like Aqua, Mulberry Extracts, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extracts, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extracts, Scutellaria Baicalensis Extracts and Saxifrage Sarmentosa Extracts help in lightening the skin tone. It brightens and brings out the inner glow for indelible radiance.”

My experience with Nutrispa Dermalight Serum

I got it from a friends recommendation because post pregnancy my skin was behaving weird. Sudden blemishes, spots started becoming so visible that I always always had to use a light foundation to look flawless. And this was making me so conscious about my skin.

 I used it before sleeping for a week and I found my skin getting visibly more radiant, spots were on their way back. And after a week I started using it after bath and before sleep too. I have oily skin, and the best part is, this serum does suit oily skin people too. I am in love with Nutrispa Luxurious Dermalight Serum as it gave me back my skin and my confidence.

P.S- Apply it before you go to bed so that when you are sleeping and away from pollution, dust and sunlight it will work even more and you will surely get the best result. WINK !!

What I like about the Nutrispa Dermalight Serum

  • Affordable
  • Natural Product
  • Easily Available in Market
  • Can be used for all skin type
  • Does what it claims
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Nice packaging
  • Results visible in a week
  • Results dnt go away

What I did not like about the product?

  • NO, Nothing at all.

I wish Dermalight serum comes in bigger packings too :wink

Will I buy Nutrispa Dermalight Serum again?

Obviously yes, I will buy it.

My rating of the Nutrispa Dermalight SerumCan I be bious and can give 6 stars out of 5

Will I recommend Nutrispa Dermalight Serum?

Yes. After using it on my own face and getting positive result I will surely recommend all of you, the best part is this is natural and chemical free. It provides you the balanced skin tone and help you to glow and give flawless skin.

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