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One Life is a known brand and is particularly known for its health supplements. One Life has 2 variants of multi vitamins for women- Multi woman and Multi Woman 40+. The need of vitamins is particularly different in women after 40 so One Life has taken this into consideration and came up with 2 variants depending on the need of a woman.  I bought one bottle  for myself and one for my MIL

One Life Multi Woman Price- Rs 799/- for 60 tabs and Multi Woman 40 plus Price – Rs 849/- ( you can get 15% discount on price online)

You may BUY One Life Multi Woman and One Life Multi Woman 40 plus from Amazon or Flipkart But I would recommend you to get it directly from their Official Website

What One Life Multi Woman – Multivitamin For Women Claims?

As the company says, “Multivitamin for women may help fulfil the micro-nutrients requirements of active woman, improves metabolism, strengthens immunity and improves stamina. A high-quality, multivitamins blend for women that fills in nutritional gaps to boost energy and performance. This formula contains more active ingredients comprising of active herbs, B complex vitamins and essential nutrients allowing you to obtain more benefits and healthier lifestyle.”

One Life Multi Woman – Multivitamin For Women Packaging

One Life Multi Woman – Multi Woman 40 plus both comes in a very nice looking translucent blue cylindrical bottles with white caps. The white sticker on top showcases the brands name, and all the vital information about the product.

Experience with One Life – Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil

We both started our course of 60 tabs together. Its been around a month that we are taking it and we have definitely improved healthwise a lot.

My MIL is diabetic and is always worried about pain in legs and lethargic body. Its hard to stay alert and sound when you are diabetic but within these 30 days, she feels more energetic, lively and happy inside. When you feel good inside, you feel very good outside and that is so true.

I am a new mom and my body was giving up every day, running to and fro my 20 months old daughter. Sleepless nights, and taking care of baby 24/7 was taking a toll on my health. The change I felt in my body was, I felt much more active and energetic. I dnt feel sleepy all day now, and don’t get irritated soon with all the mischievous things my baby is doing. I am all set to enjoy my motherhood. Thanks to One life.

Generally people think that they should not take any such supplements. But I think, its better to take multi vitamins as soon as your body starts alarming you. DO not wait for your body to give up completely before starting multi vitamins. They are not medications but they are goodness packed in the forms of tablets.   

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