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Facials have become the need of today’s woman. Going to parlours has become a task in itself, so I always try to get some easy facial routines to do at home. They keep me and my skin on track till the time I get plenty of time to visit parlour. Today I have got my hands on Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit. Its so pocket friendly and easy to use. Let’s read the complete review – 

Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit Price- Rs 225/-

Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit Contains

  • Deep Cleanser
  • Scrub
  • Massage Gel
  • Massage Cream
  • Face Mask
  • Serum

What Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit Claims?

As the company says, “The Oshea Whitening Facial Kit nourishes, revitalizes and brings in instant whitening to the skin. It is enriched with natural ingredients like Bearberry and Licorice Extracts. To instate the natural glow and sheen, this facial kit is free from harsh chemicals, parabean, silicone and mineral oil which make it suitable for all skin types.”

Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit Packaging

Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit comes in a small blue and white carton box which is further packed in 6 sachets. Each sachet comes with the numbers so you know which sachet to start from. All the sachets have good amount of product which makes the use very easy.

Experience with Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit

I had a small get together so thought of trying Oshea Herbals Facial Kit and was hoping for some really good results, but somewhere at back of my head I knew I cannot get something out of the box in this 225/- Rs facial Kit. SO I crossed my fingers and started with the cleanser. To my surprise, I could see my skin cleaner and more vibrant. Each sachet comes with directions to use, so its really easy. Then I went on to scrub, Thick and enriched with very light granules makes it perfect for gentle exfoliation. (I personally don’t like hard scrubs). Then came massage gel and cream, I took a little too long to massage my face with gel and then the cream. After scrubbing, massaging the skin is the most important part in any facial. Then I wiped off my face with a damp cloth and applied soothing face mask. Woah!! I loved this part. I closed my eyes and waited for the mask to dry completely and after washing the mask I used a few drops of the serum.

I had this instant glow on my face which was so evident. I didn’t expected any such results for sure, but the glow vanished the very next day. So its an instant affect remedy for the short notice events and when you dnt have time to visit parlour. But in this price range, I am definitely in love with Oshea Whitening facial, would love to try other facial kits from Oshea.

What  I liked about Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit

  • Softer granules makes it gentle on skin
  • Smells good
  • You get glowing skin instantly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Availability

What  I did not like about Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit

  • Results doesn’t last very long

Would I recommend using Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial Kit

Ofcourse, Yes! In this price range, getting this kind of instant whitening glow is amazing. Totally in love with Oshea Herbals Whitening Facial!

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