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We all know that Rape is a heinous crime which leaves the victim suffers mentally and physically all her life. Government and we all are trying hard enough to fight with this Crime but we are not able to end rapes at all. The main reason is that we are not able to understand what causes Rape, Why does a man become an animal and spoils a girl’s life forever. Before fighting with RAPE, we all must know who is the Real Culprit of a RAPE in India and deal with it. Let us see all the points one by one and find the answer to the question, who is the real culprit of a Rape?

rape victim, Real culprit of rape

Dressing Sense?

Whenever media points out the BIG question, people come up accusing women and girls for wearing wrong dresses that lures man and RAPE happens. But is the dressing sense really responsible for a rape?

Well, According to the reports girls of less than 5 years are also being raped. And I don’t think, that dressing sense in any way could result in a RAPE. Recently at Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 1 (Teleserial in INDIA) has shown that the age group of rape victims ranges from 2 months to 93 years old. This is a very disturbing report, but this is true. Which in short proves that the dress code has nothing to do with the RAPE?


Porn is so readily available for minors, which is not good at all. It is somewhat responsible for the kind of rapes happening in today’s world. In most of the cases it has been found that after watching porn, to satisfy their needs men work as predators hunting for girls. Specially in countries like INDIA, where rape cases are increasing at an alarming rate, it has been seen that the kind of treatment Rapist do with the victim is horrible. Most of Rapists admit that they have learnt all the horrible things like inserting alien objects from Porn. So, is PORN responsible for RAPE?

Not actually, Porn is also decreasing rape incidents in many countries. According to a study at Clemson University, published in NYDAILYNEWS suggests that Rape cases have been reduced by 30% because of PORN. So in a few countries, Porn is actually decreasing Rape cases and in some countries it is making the Rape incident much more horrible.


Does the LAW has anything to do with rape cases? Yes, most of the times it has been seen that there are many laws made for the safety of women and for rape cases. But, most of the times these laws just rest in the official books and are not visible in reality. Either, people don’t want to follow the rules and laws made by the government or they don’t even know about the laws made.

The problem that the government is not able to bring the laws made for rape cases into existence is a BIG issue. Accused play around with the rules and find a way out of the punishment. Even if the accused gets caught, the punishment is so less in compared to the pain of the victim. Rapists are not scared of the punishment at all.


Delay in taking the proper action most of the times when a girl is kidnapped, results in drastic situations like RAPE or murder after Rape. If the police take immediate actions whenever a girl is kidnapped, Rape cases might be reduced with a good number.

On the other hand, People are so scared to go to the police, that most of the times a victim and her family feels safer sitting at home and not complaining at all.


Are rapists the real culprit? Yes, they are but are they alone? Well, rapists are the one who does this crime either for their enjoyment or to satisfy their needs and wants. Hunting an innocent girl regardless the age of the girl they do this heinous crime.

What gives these men the courage to rape a girl and still live their life normally?


Is society responsible for rapes? YES, we make the society and we are very much responsible for rapes. Rapists are living amongst us, and even after knowing they destroyed a girl’s life we don’t boycott them. We boycott the victim, we boycott her family and make her life more disturbing.

We ask girls to stay safe and not to go out at odd times, whereas the rapists roam around without any fear. A girl is kidnapped amidst the crowds and we enact as spectators.

A girl is raped and our ears can’t even hear the cries of the innocent girl. Even if someone listens, they try to save themselves and not call the police or help the poor girl.

Real Culprit of a Rape!

Yes, the Society is one of the real culprits. We all have given the rapists the strength to play with the innocent lives and still roam around freely. Society, government, Law and Rapists, all are equally responsible for rapes and are the real culprit of rape.

What to do to Stop Rape?

Only the society can stop Rapes. Yes, only we all can and we all will. I wish, we all were strong enough to take the bold steps against rape. Help the victim live her life freely without any guilt. Help the victim tell the world that yes, she was raped once without getting scared at all. We all need to hold our hands and make sure to give the rapist the taste of what it feels like to be ill treated by the whole society. Yes, only we can do it and make the world Rae free zone. Yes, we can help the rape victims live their lives happily and make the life hell for rapists.

Do reply with what do you think? Who is the real culprit of a Rape?

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  1. it ain’t easy to know what main cause of rapist. maybe in india there’s different reason than others country.. but i think porn also main cause. not mainstream porn but the underground porn such as child porn, rape porn, femdom..
    just my 2 cent opinion


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