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When someone falls in love, his/her life changes drastically. The days become more pleasant and the nights more serene. You don’t get angry, you laugh, you smile and you manage time for your partner every day and every night. Things were going well but those sudden changes in your partner’s behavior have made you think, Is your relationship coming to an end?

Are you going through the same phase? Read on to know signs your relationship coming to an end

Sometimes what you are doubting can just be your assumption, but there are reasons it might be true. Yes! Your nightmare of losing your precious relationship from your partner’s side might be true. Here are 10 early signs that will take you near the clarity of your doubts.

No Time for You

He stays busy and don’t have much time for you. You must be thinking that work priorities can lead to this scenario, yes you are right. But for how many days? Wasn’t he busy earlier? Why suddenly he doesn’t have time. Even if he talks, he is in a hurry.

Time management is not that difficult, when you love someone you can take out time for them, maybe once in a while you cannot but that cannot be for too long unless the priorities have changed.

Struggling to Find Words for Conversation

This is a very serious issue and should be taken really seriously as well. When you are in love, your talks never end. You always have something to say, but there comes a time when your partner is struggling for words. He doesn’t have anything to say, they are just listening but not conversing. It leaves you with two things in mind, either something else has occupied his mind, or you are no more in his mind.

No More Sharing

Is your partner not sharing his problems and happiness with you anymore? If yes, look out! You share your problems, happiness, success, regrets with the one you love. And if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable sharing all this with you, that means you are no closer to his heart anymore.

Getting Angry for No Reason

When someone forces himself and dragging himself in a relationship he gets irritated and frustrated, so If your partner is getting angry and irritated for no specific reasons, Check out! This might be a strange yet a clear clear that he is no more into you and in dragging himself in the relationship.

Your relationship is sour, signs he is going away from you

Fake Excuses

You always find a reason to meet your love, but if your partner has suddenly started making excuses to postpone meeting you, your relationship might be in grave danger. Why would he make excuses not to spend time with you? Is he really busy or he doesn’t want to get busy with you.

No More Caring

One cannot see the person he loves in pain, but now when you fall ill he doesn’t show any care. The care comes by its own, you cannot force someone to care for you. If that care and warmth have gone from the relationship, it definitely means your relationship is coming to an end.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek does not mean game here, it means he hides when you need him and he seeks you when he needs you. Isn’t that selfish? Of course, it is. He has started using you, whenever he needs you he finds way to you but when you need him, he blocks all the ways reaching him. Do you need any more clarification about it?

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Hates Discussing Future

He avoids the conversation when you start discussing your future, he tried to divert the topic and even gets angry. It definitely means, he is not at all interested in a future with you. Who would not want to talk and discuss about the future with his partner? But if he has started avoiding it, it is time you should think about this relationship.

Uncomfortable When You are Around

He suddenly feels uncomfortable when you are around he doesn’t look in your eyes anymore. And on that even you cannot find that love in his eyes. Your date now ends as soon as the dinner is over? Think about it!

Shouting/ Humiliating

Has your partner started shouting at you, degrading or humiliating you? Blaming you for no specific reasons and is looking for a fight everytime? Do you feel whenever you talk, the conversation either end in a baseless debate or a fight?

Then your partner is searching for a Breakup from your side. Yes, that’s a trick that your partner didn’t want but you wanted a break up.

Every relationship faces ups and downs, but when you keep waiting for ups and are stuck at the downs with your relationship it is time you must start thinking. Confront your partner, talk about his sudden behavior change. This one on one conversation is very important either to refresh the relationship, or Bid farewell to the relationship, as your relationship coming to an end must be ended before it ends you in depression and loneliness.

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  1. Hi Payal
    I agree with all your points and reasons too..!
    But You know what di when we are in love We don’t pay attention in any of the points seriously :/
    Just because we can’t think that the guy/gal is cheating on us..as we are in deep Love with our beloved as They say “Love is Blind” I say “Love Makes Us Blind”
    In Love, we don’t think even about our own family. :/
    This is the Only Reason now I hate being in Love.
    Well, I agree with all your points
    Well written!

  2. Ya! That’s true, Love makes us blind most of the time, but somewhere down the line these things keep bugging us that something is wrong in the relationship. We should not let them go, talking and confronting your partner is best. Either your relationship will grow stronger or else you will save yourself from a bad relationship 🙂


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