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scared of love, love is a scary thing

I have heard people saying that they don’t believe in Love (although they do), they are scared of falling in Love or they hate Love and many more such negative impression on Love. You too must have come across many such friends and acquaintances who do say such things, no matter if they are males or females. Why are people so scared of falling Love? Is love really so scary or their experience of Love has made them too reluctant?

Before going further lets see if yours and mine definition of Love matches.

What is Love?

Love is a feeling of care and belongingness. Love is something that can be felt for anyone and everyone. Age, religion, color, country or caste there is nothing that can hold this feeling, neither can you nor can that person. This feeling of Love doesn’t bring butterflies, cool breeze, birds chirping and all that we see in movies but the feeling of Love does bring the joy that we will feel when a cool breeze hit us, when we hear birds chirping and looking at butterflies (the list is too long to mention here). That immense happiness can just be felt and not expressed in words. It comes as a gift hamper with the great feeling of Love. If Love is so beautiful, why are people so scared of it?

dont fall in love, love hurts, afraid of falling in love

Is Love Really Scary?

No, Love can never be scary, but most of the times we are the one who makes this experience scary. With every good comes bad like two faces of one coin. In the starting we just see one face of this coin, the extreme happiness and start living in a dreamlike world and forget the reality. The coin keeps turning slowly, and there comes a time when we face the opposite face of this coin. The dream world we were living in gets shattered and we become so weak to handle this change. In reality this change is not that bitter, but we being so away from the reality in our Dream like world are not able to take it so easily. The pain that Love brings with it is also sweet, but our Dreamy world and high expectation make it a bitter pain rather than a sweet pain.

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But, most of the times Love pass this phase. There are bitter experiences in one sided Love and cheating in Love that leaves one heartbroken and shattered. The moment when one of the partner is in Love genuinely and seriously and the other partner either has lost interest in Love or was never serious is hard to handle. Of course, any person who has been through this kind of situation will Hate or Curse Love. What you must hate or cursing should be that situation, experience or that person but not Love. If Love has given you a bitter taste, then this Love must have also given you the most memorable and happiest moments at some point of time.

Get Rid of Your Bitter Experience

love is beautiful, running away from loveThe water that keeps flowing is always fresh, but the water that doesn’t flow starts stinking. The nature tells us to keep moving, no matter what happens. Move on and get rid of that bitter experience that is still holding you on. Every person in his/her life had to go through with one or the other bad experience but the time keeps moving and you should too.

You must be thinking that it isn’t easy. Nothing can be easy unless you try. Try unless you succeed and move on, see the beauty of Life and stop living with a curse. Feel the love of nature and let the bright rays of Love come into your life again. Shutting the door of your heart will keep you safe from any such bad experience but at the same time there will be darkness in your heart too. Keeping doors and windows of your home can keep you safe, but you will be forced to live like a prisoner with no passage for fresh air and sunlight.

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Love is beautiful and no Bitter experience can make you Hate Love or to stay away from it. Stop getting scared of falling in Love as you still Love many (your friends and family) and trust them too.

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  1. I think this post misses the main reason that people are scared of love. I believe that the main reason people are so terrified of being in love is that they are so terrified of something going wrong. Nobody is actually afraid of the love itself, they afraid that the love they feel won’t be reciprocated and that they will get hurt. The fear of rejection and pain is far more pronounced than the fear of love.

  2. Thanks for reply James.

    I agree to what you said, But every person has a different perspective. The post you read above is my opinion and I agree to what you said.

    For some people it is fear of getting rejected.


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