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Shaving unwanted hair is necessity of today’s woman

Summers are here and unwanted hair growth can be a constant irritation for any woman. And in today’s busy life, running to parlour every time to get rid of unwanted hair is not possible. Shaving is the need of today’s woman. Just Imagine, If you have to run for a party right after work. As soon as you put on that amazing dress, you realize that you have unwanted hair growth which is ruining your look! What will you do? You can’t go to the parlour at that hour and can’t ditch the dress!  That is when shaving comes handy! Also, no one likes to spend tons of money and time in parlours just to get rid of unwanted hair every few weeks. Shaving is easy, convenient, time saving, inexpensive, painless and can be done at the ease of your home. Shaving is an art which needs to be mastered by every woman of today. But, there are some smooth shaving tips that every woman should know.

Source- Pinterest.com
Source- Pinterest.com

Shaving unwanted hair at home, doesn’t mean that you simply pick up any razor and start shaving. There are few things to keep in mind before you start with shaving unwanted hair. If you are not cautious, shaving unwanted hair may lead to dry and itchy skin. If not properly done, shaving can result in a lot of undergrown hair. (Undergrown hair- hair grows inside the skin and leaves a black spot outside) Undergrown hair can be really irritating, as they give a bad look and also sometimes irritate the skin. So, to make your shaving experience the best, here are some amazing useful shaving tips that every woman should know.

To make shaving unwanted hair an amazing experience, keep in mind these simple yet effective tips that you can easily follow and leave your skin smoother every time you shave-

Selection of Razor

If you think, there is no difference in the razor for men and woman, Think again. Do not at any cost; commit a mistake by using men’s razor as it could lead to the growth of really hard and thick hair. Choose a razor meant for women wisely.

Tips for choosing right razor

  • Instead of one blade razor, choose 3-5 blades razor for a closer and cleaner shave. A lot of electric shavers and epilators are also available in markets which are easy on pocket too.
  • Razor should be featherweight, one that can easily be moved around knee and ankle area
  • Prefer a razor that comes with skin guard. It leads to minimum risk of nicks and also gives a closer shave.
Source- ruthswissablog.com
Source- ruthswissablog.com

Here are some great Razors to choose from

Use luke warm water instead of cold water

Luke warm water open up your skin pores, Cold water closes and tightens them. Using luke warm water while shaving unwanted hair, can make your shaving experience easier and leave your skin smoother. So, whenever you plan to shave, make sure you use Luke warm water instead of cold water. Luke warm water will open up your pores and it would to get the unwanted hair easily and from the depths. This also results in delay of unwanted hair growth.

Do not use soap or shower gel!

A common mistake that every woman makes while shaving is that they lather their skin with soap or shower gel. Do not commit this mistake, as soap or shower gel makes the skin dry and flaky. This can lead to cuts while shaving and can also cause irritation in skin. Choose a conditioner or cream based product according to your skin type, to lather your skin so that softness stays even after you are done with the shaving.

Here are some amazing Shaving gels for women

Position yourself properly

Positioning is very important while shaving unwanted hair. No one wants those ugly cuts while shaving. So prefer to raise your leg up against the wall of shower, or you can even sit at the ledge of your bath tub.

Direction of shaving

Shaving in the right direction is very important to get a smooth shave. Always shave in the direction your hair grows (Grain). It might not give you a clean shave in the first go, you may need to use razor twice or thrice, but it will save you from cuts, irritation, red bumps and will leave your skin softer and smoother. One must only shave against the direction of hair growth when the hair length is too short and you must shave.

Be gentle at tricky areas

While shaving always be gentle at the tricky areas like ankles, knees, elbow, underarms, area below knee cap etc. These areas might prove tricky to shave, but being gentle in these areas is a must. Apply a little more foam on these areas, so that the razor slides easily and can give you a cut free cleaner shave even in these tricky areas.


Almost every woman forgets or misses this important step after shaving unwanted hair -Exfoliation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin after shaving so that dead skin cells can be removed. Also, make sure not to use any kind of body lotion right after shaving. Let the skin settle itself first, then after a couple of hours use a smooth body lotion.


Before moisturizing, apply 2.5- to 5-percent benzoyl peroxide to reduce redness, irritation and bumps. After this, use a light non sticky body lotion over your legs so that any further irritation can be avoided. Also, in case shaving has left your skin dry, moisturizers help in retaining the regular sift skin texture back.

Do’s and Don’ts while shaving unwanted hair

  1. Do not keep a razor past its expiration date! Using a dull blade could lead to nicks and unsightly cuts.
  2. Shave in long even strokes and clean the razor by dipping for a few seconds in water after each stroke. It helps in the removal of unwanted hair, which clogs between two blades.
  3. Best time to shave is at night before sleeping. The skin gets time to heal and settle down overnight and next morning you will feel much smoother and cleaner look.
  4. DO not take cuts or razor burns easily. Prevent them and if you get any, treat them as soon as possible. You may apply a mild antiseptic.
  5. Do not share your razor with anyone. Especially, if you have a sensitive skin, make sure you don’t share your razor with anyone or use anyone’s razor. It can be unhygienic and can lead to infection, red bumps or white pus filled bumps over your skin.
  6. Make sure you clean your razor nicely after shaving to keep it germ free. Use antibacterial soap to clean blades, wipe the razor and store only when completely dry.

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