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Migraine Headaches are a leading problem in today’s world. The pulsating, throbbing pain, sensitivity to light and sounds, nausea, vomiting and a severe headache makes your daily life tougher. Sometimes a severe headache brings a doubt in our minds, Are these are Migraine headaches? We all have heard about Migraine headaches, but don’t really know what is a Migraine headache and what causes migraines? Most of the times, people do not realize that they are dealing with migraine and keep popping headache pills. Listed below are signs and symptoms of Migraine headaches.

Signs that you have migraine headaches

Signs and Symptoms of Migraine Headaches


Before having a Migraine headache, patients usually experience auras. Auras are weird visualization of flickering lights, shimmering spot, stars, flashy lines. Most of all patients have the experience of Aura 5-60 mins before migraine headaches.


Excessive yawning is another big sign that you are about to have a Migraine headache. People with migraine headaches usually yawn a lot. Excessive yawning is a sign that a headache is not a common headache but a migraine.

Restless Sleep

People who suffer from migraine usually have a restless improper sleep. They wake up tired and a mild headache. Migraine also affects sleep, and most of migraine patients suffer from insomnia.

Throbbing pain

The headache is much more severe than a normal headache. The patient often complains throbbing pain on either side of the head and rarely on both sides.

Sensitivity to Light

During Migraine headache, patient gets highly sensitive to light. The only thing that gives a little relief is darkness. Most of times, bright light can also trigger headache.

Sensitivity to Sound

During Migraine, patients get highly sensitive to sounds. High volume sounds can trigger migraine headache as well as honking and loud music can worsen the condition of the patient. During headache, even if the patient walks softly, every step is like a hammer banging inside the head.

Sensitivity to Smell

People who suffer from migraine headaches usually are sensitive to smell. Smell can trigger migraine, but this happens with only certain smells. These certain smells can either trigger migraine or make the headache more severe.

Pain in Eyes

Migraine attack doesn’t only give pain in the head, but also behind the eyes and near eyebrows. The intense pain doesn’t allow the patient to look at anything.  The only thing that relieves the patient slightly is darkness and closed eyes.

Pain in Neck

Many patients complain about pain in neck, before a migraine attack or when they have a migraine headache. Do not misinterpret the neck pain and headache as cervical, this can be a migraine.

Numbness or Tingling

In many patients the sensation of tingling starting from finger tips through arms till face, typically on either side has been noticed. The numbness or tingling feeling is known as sensory aura.

Vertigo/ Double Vision

Many patients have complained that height triggers Migraine headaches as well as after suffering from Migraine they have also started fearing heights or Vertigo. In many cases, height affects the vision and people get a double vision. These signs also indicate that you have a Migraine.


Nausea and vomiting does not happen with a normal headache. But you know it is Migraine when you have Nausea or vomiting with a severe throbbing headache. People who suffer with nausea or vomiting have a severe migraine than those who suffer mild nausea or no nausea.

I am sure after reading the above 12 signs, you would be able to know if your headache is normal or a migraine headache. Please do consult a physician before your migraine headaches get worsen.

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  1. Hi Payal,
    what can I say about this post u have written it to be very informative . But m scared I have some signs from above though not all. Being a B.pharma graduate myself I really fear to go check my medicene books.
    Is using laptop the major cause of Migraine?

  2. hello payal…..
    i must say that you are doing great work to sharing such kind of article…..Lots of people working jobs or study sometimes having headache migraine…
    for those ,should have look to this article,,,so that they can review over it and next time can be aware of this…


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