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10 Sure Signs She is Just Using You

There is a saying that Girls are considered as the most complex creature. They can be a perfect poker face. You can’t tell anything about them as they have this unique ability to speak something else and expressing something else. So, if you think that you have found your dream girl and she is also in as much love in you as you then think again. There are chances that what might be a true love for you is just a passing affair for her. In this post, we are going to tell you about sure signs she is just using you, which will let you know that she is not in love with you but, she is just using you.

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She is always the one who cancels the plan

You planned a perfect trip and at the very last moment she cancelled the trip just because she was having a headache. This happens because she doesn’t find any good thing or advantage from that trip.

She never pays for anything

This is the biggest sign to know whether she is just using you or is in deep love with you. She will always ask you to pay for every small or big thing. No matter if it is the food bill or movie ticket, she will never spend her money.

She always reply late to your messages or ignore them most of the time

This is also a good sign to know that you are in love with a wrong person. She will always reply late to your text messages and you will also realize that she is actually ignoring your message. If you are feeling that she makes some excuses at the very exact point when you starts talking about how much you love her then it is the right time to leave her and lead a single and happy life.

She only calls or text you first only when she want sex or need some help

You must not be expecting this but the truth is that it happens in most of the cases. In normal cases, you are the one who always text or call first but, she only calls when she is in a “mood” or she wants a recharge in her phone.

She always compares you with her guy friends

This is also a major sign which indicates that she is just using you. If she really loves you, she would never compare you with any of her guy friend no matter what the situation is. For instance, if she gives you an example of her friend whenever you made a mistake indicating that her friend would have done it better. Then it the time to move on.

She always changes the topic when it comes to future

You just asked her about the future plans and she changed the topic by saying this she is not ready or she want to go out? This means that she is not serious about you and the future. This clearly indicates that she is just using you for her own interest and she is not at all serious.

She always refrains from PDA

Public Display of Affection or PDA means when a person shows a lot of love or affection for his/her partner in public. In true love, public doesn’t matter what matters is the happiness of the other half. But, if it is a passing affair or what we say “time pass”, your partner will always refrain from it. For example, you wished to put your hand around her waist but she refused it by saying that she doesn’t like this.

She will never allow you to meet her family or friends

A simple logic. Why will she let you meet her family or friends when she is sure that she doesn’t want any future with you? She knows that it is just a temporary thing an there is no need to make it public. She will always make excuses whenever you ask her to meet her family or friend.

She openly flirts with other guys even in front of you

Teasing is one thing and flirting with every second guy even in front of you is one different thing. This indicates that she is with you only till she finds someone better. If this is a case of each and every day, you should understand that she is just using you.

She never says something meaningful

This is the most important thing to notice. You are always the one who says meaningful things and do something special. She always tries to avoid situations when it comes to showing efforts or say something, things are not good. For instance, you organised a birthday party for her, called all her friend, gave her an expensive gift and when it was your birthday she just gave you a normal birthday card saying that she doesn’t find time to buy you a gift.

Love is a tricky thing and you need to be cautious, because in today’s world you must not blindly love anyone. Chances are very high that what may be true love for you is just a basic need for your partner. So, be alert and think with a brain, not just with the heart. Understand the signs she is just using you and safeguard your precious heart from heart breaks.

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