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Life is sometimes really hard on us, but looking at these 10 successful people with disabilities, who fought their own fights and made a place for themselves in this World full of selfish and greedy people. We all are so mean, selfish and greedy that even if we meet with an accident or had a bad day, we start cursing our lucks and crib about the situation. These 10 people not only tell us that life is so much easier for us, but also teach us that even if Life is tough, we always have a way to find success. By holding ourselves and cribbing about a tough situation only blocks our vision and doesn’t help us at all find the success we are looking for.

I hope after reading and looking at these 10 great people with disabilities, you will find a new way to lead your life and you will be a little more grateful to God for blessing you with this Life.

Successful People with Disabilities

Nick Vujicic

Nick is a truly inspirational man whom I have always seen with a smiling face. Nick was born without arms and legs. Can you imagine, what would his life could have been? But this man gave the life back something life would always be grateful to him – Optimism and Positivity

nick vujicic

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has been just 8 years old, when he knew he want to become a scientist. When he was 21, he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). ALS attacks the nerves that help you move your body, leaving Stephen in a condition where he can barely move his body. Doctors suggested that he has only 2 years of life, but Stephen had something else on his mind. He is 72 and has contributed major scientific discoveries. There is a Motivational Hollywood Film made on his life “The Story of Everything”.

Professor Stephen Hawking

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a very successful President of United States from 1933 to 1945. Franklin D Roosevelt contracted Polio upon starting his political career which left him completely paralyzed from waist down. He used to spend most of his time in his office ans proved that disability can never be a roadblock for anyone.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt on wheelchair

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