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Sunday Design is a luxury Brand and the WHOLE WORLD knows it. Every bit of the Sunday Sense Candle shows the luxuriousness of the brand. Be it the outer packaging or the Candle or the candle itself. The Amazing red colour outer box makes it the best gifting option for anyone. Once the candle is out, the cork lid makes it a surreal experience. Well, its just a cork lid, how can it makes an experience??? Well, Well Well, You need to experience it to understand, but still I will try to put it in words. As soon as the cork lid is removed, the calming, soothing fragrance makes it way to your nostrils and then straight to your soul.

The only question that came to my mind was – If just removing the cork lid had moved my senses, what’s going to happen when I lit it. Let’s, read further for my wholesome experience with luxurious scented candle from Sunday Design.  

What Sunday Sense claims?

As the company says, “Sunday Sense Scented Candle delivers an amazing, room filling fragrance experience.”

Yes, it does what it claims.


Sunday Sense Scented Candle Packaging

Sunday Sense Scented Candle- It comes in Bright Red thick carton with a ribbon. And in that carton is a semi transparent glass jar with cork lid. Once the cork lid is removed, you will find two wicks, so the candle burns equally. It has quality lead free wicks and patented soy was blend with natural essential oils.

Points to know before you use Sunday Sense Candle

  • Never burn longer than 4-hours intervals.
  • Burn within sight and extinguish before leaving. Don’t burn near things that catch fire.
  • Don’t extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching or moving.
  • Always trim wick to 1/4inch before lighting and keep debris out of wax pool.

My Experience with Sunday Sense

Sunday Sense Scented Candle

A date night was the best time to test if this scented candle was worth 2500/-

I removed the cork lid but didn’t lighten up the candle before my husband came. But to my surprise, even without lighting the wick, the room was filled with amazing fragrance. And when I lighten the wick, the whole room was filled with mesmerizing fragrance.

It’s pleasant fragrance, freshness with calming floral fragrance. When I read the packaging, I realized it has Bulgarian roses and sea water.

Thanks to the lead free wicks, there is no black smoke or black substance on the candle jar or around it. Which is sooooooo good.

Would I recommend using Sunday Sense Candle

I am all gaga over this super amazing candle. If you can, you guys tell me one reason not to buy it.

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