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Like everything, even being a girl has its own disadvantages. Every girl reading this might or might not relate to my thoughts and every boy reading this might be giggling and thanking God for making him a boy at the end of this article. Now, back to the topic, there are certain things I hate about girls being a girl. Reason? There is no specific reason, but I personally feel life for girls is a little more hard than for boys. Yes, I know all the boys reading this would never agree with this. But trust me guys you are so lucky that you don’t have to deal with all these things a girl has to. So here is my Top 10 hit list of things I hate about girls being a girl.

things I hate about girls being a girl

Makeup is Compulsory

I am a girl and I love being simple as I am. There is a huge list for us girls from personal grooming to make up. One day you don’t apply Kajal or your eyebrows are not threaded and you get comments like, Are you ok? Are you upset? Did you wake up late? And a lot more…. Can’t I give my make up off for a day?

Why is it a must for every girl to wear makeup before leaving home? WHY WHY WHY and then men complain girls take hours to get ready. I wish us girls had the freedom to roam around without any makeup and still the eyes staring at her makes her feel beautiful. No eyes to stare and scare her saying that something is missing.


Yes, I know wearing heels are trendy, but that hurts our feet. Why don’t men wear heels, one day with heels and you would know how it feels standing with your slanting feet and smiling. Why do we have to wear heels to look we are following fashion and today’s trend.

In Fashion

We girls have to wear clothes that are in fashion. One day you wear loose comfortable pants in your office and you become the talk of town. Staying in fashion is like the most mandatory things for girls. Every eye inspects a girl from head to toe to check if we are in fashion or have made any blunder.

Less Salary

We work and study as much as boys do, but still for the same post boys get much higher salary than a girl. Why is that so? When a girl is on same designation and has to handle same work pressure, why can’t she get the same salary for it? Why is our society so biased?

Emotional/ Cry babies

We girls are so emotional and we just can’t help it. If we someone in pain, tears start rolling themselves. We don’t invite them for sure and even we don’t like being cry babies. That’s how God has made us, we just can’t do anything about it. We get emotional and then we cry 🙁

I hate being a girl


Every month mother nature comes to tell us that we can conceive and we haven’t conceived yet. Periods. The worst nightmare of every girl’s life which she has to face for days every month with pain and mood swings. I just hate it and I don’t think there will be any girl who loves periods at all.


God has given us girls a beautiful body with some add-ons that boys don’t have. But handling those add-ons is a task in itself. We have to wear some uncomfortable lingerie all day making us feel as if we are caged. And the worst part every second person staring as if we are either not from same planet or they have never seen a girl before :/

Pregnancy and Pain

Ask a woman what pregnancy is, and you will get to know that pregnancy is a very tough time for any woman. For 9 months a pregnant woman has to go through so much pain and  so many changes going on in her body every moment. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful time, but the pain associated with pregnancy for all those 9 months is not so easy to bear. And at final stage the labor pains of normal delivery or C-section, both are scary and very painful which only girls have to face.


We are emotional and somewhat weaker physically compared to men, but that doesn’t mean we are to be dominated. Be it India or any other country, girls are expected to be docile and I don’t like it at all.


Society expects a girl to be slim. Believe it or not, every girl faces the pressure to be slim. Being fit and staying fit is good, but if a girl has put on weight doesn’t mean she should be avoided or she has become the talk of town.

P.S – This article is my personal thought and I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling at all. There are times in one’s life when they have to face situations that they start hating things about their own self or gender. But this article does not mean that the life of a girl is to be hated, there are many things God has gifted only to girls and we girls do love being a girl for those things. But that doesn’t change the fact that I hate these 10 things about girls being a girl.

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  1. Agree with most of your points, but disagree with salary points. There are women who are paid higher salaries at same designation as men.

    Also the main reason a girl is pressurised about loosing weight is so that she can easily get married 🙁 still our society needs to learn many more things. Main reason for this is illiteracy.. We need to educate our elders.

  2. Heh Heh Payal..I liked the way you put your views and thoughts, but darling I won’t agree to all your points here. Yeah some of your points are justified but not all. Especially the pregnancy one..we women are privileged to be a mother..to give birth to a new life and periods of course are related to the same. Well actually the only point where I agree to you is that we women are physically weaker than men. Regarding make-up and figure I would say that a girl should be well dressed and always wear a smile on her face, and that’s more than enough; no need to put on makeup always.
    Am I missing any point..ummm yeah emotions..so dearie our emotions are our strength.
    You know I can write a complete article on the topic what I dislike about girls..which would include all the things said by that guy Rajat in the movie “Pyar Ka Punchnama”.
    The thing which I hate the most about girls is that – Women are their own worst enemies”

  3. Payal, you really made me feel as if you really deserve “5 min silence” -_- Emotional Post 😛 Seriously! btw what forced you to write such an article? any particular thought ? btw that salary point was legit :/ rest I don’t know much 😛

  4. LOL… Thanks Wamiq for taking out time and reading the whole post and for that 5 minute silence too 😛

    Nothing, sometimes people around you are so biased and criticize you for being what you are based on your gender specially. So I thought why to sulk inside.. Let me vent my feeling out through my blog. 🙂

    And yes, in the last para, I have tried to negotiate with all the negatives I mentioned in those 10 points B-)

  5. Hey Shiwangi.. Thanks for a little motivation that being a girl is not that bad.

    It’s just the kind of people you meet in your life who make you feel bad about certain things I mentioned. And yes, I totally agree with your pregnancy point, and that is why I have mentioned that I only hate the pain and problems pregnancy brings with it and in the last para I didn’t forget to mention that like these 10 points there are many reasons we girls love being girls 🙂

  6. Hi Meenal

    Thanks for your reply 🙂
    The salary thing is in general. If we talk about modelling, of course girls are paid higher than men. Even in the Bollywood industry, actresses get much lesser then male actors.

  7. Hi Meenal

    Thanks for your reply 🙂
    The salary thing is in general. If we talk about modelling, of course girls are paid higher than men. Even in the Bollywood industry, actresses get much lesser then male actors.

  8. Hullo Payal 🙂

    Quite an interesting writeup and I can relate to most of the points here.

    My take:

    #1 Makeups suck.
    #2 Heels are silent killers.
    #3 Fashion is overwhelming.
    #4 Salaries show gender bias.
    #5 We ARE emotional. Cool.
    #6 I can live the rest of my life happily without Periods.
    #7 Body: No complaints there. We ARE beautiful.
    #8 Pregnancy IS beautiful but oh gawd! the pain. Source: YouTube
    #9 A man who thinks a woman should be docile is a FOOL.
    #10 I feel the pressure: slim vs. weighty. I DON”T give a damn.

    Ah! Such is life’s dearies…however, would prefer to remain a woman than find myself caged in a man’s body 😀


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