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Tips and tricks to deal with stammering

Source: www.medindia.net
Source: www.medindia.net

What is stammering?

Stammering is a serious problem and every individual suffering from it tries to find out the tips and tricks to deal with stammering. Stammering is a problem where a person feels difficulty in speaking fluently. Most of the times, the person keeps on repeating the initial letters of the words and sometimes speak with sudden involuntary pauses. Stammering and stuttering are both speech disorder and the only difference is that stammering is difficulty in starting a sentence and stuttering is difficulty in stopping a sentence.

What causes Stammering?

Although there is no major medical or scientific reason behind this as no expert claims to discover the main cause of stammering. Many doctors say that it occurs due to some imbalance between a part of the brain and the language processing part of the speech. Others claim that it is due to the chemicals because of which the speech formation jumps the gun even before the language processing has been completed. Other causes are hereditary factors, developmental stammering and the most common reason psychological factors. There is no such medical treatment for stammering that’s the reason why a person suffering with it tries to find out the tips and tricks to deal with stammering.

Tips and Tricks to deal with stammering:

As we said there is no such medical cure or treatment to deal with stammering. Only the person who is suffering from stammering can help himself. We are sharing few tips and tricks to deal with stammering which can help a lot.

  • Accept it and understand it: The very first and important thing for you is to accept it and accept it in a positive way. There is no need to get depressed or sad. You are not alone, 70 million people in this world are suffering from the problem of stammering. Instead of just sitting and crying about it, try to understand your stammering. Where exactly do you get stuck? Do you repeat a sound or a syllables? When does you stammer and in what kind of situation does it occur? Is it severe or mild?
  • Plan to tackle it: Once you have understood the problem of your stammering, now the second step is to plan something about it. Don’t just stop talking just because you stammer. Prepare yourself to fight against it. Keep a positive approach and don’t go too fast or too hard on it. It will take time for sure. Follow all these tips and tricks to deal with stammering.
  • Practice speaking in front of mirror: Speaking in front of the mirror is the best way to get rid of shyness, under-confidence and fear. Talk whatever you want to talk about. Imagine mirror is your friend, teacher or parents and talk anything related to it. Try this exercise for at-least 30 minutes and a day. This will boost up your confidence of speaking which you lost due to your stammering issue.
Source: www.stutteringhomepage.org
Source: www.stutteringhomepage.org
  • Read out as many books as you can: Don’t read them in your mind instead read them loud. It will help you in controlling your stammering. Not only this, it will help you to know when to breathe while stuck at some point and it will boost your confidence while speaking in public.
  • Breathe: Breathing is the major problem for the persons who suffer from stammering. Try to take control over your breath. Take a full complete breathe before and after speaking a sentence. Remember, your goal is not to speak fast but to speak clear and complete.
  • Join speech therapy sessions: Consult a good speech therapist and join a speech therapy sessions. It helps a lot as you will find more people like you and you will openly take part in it. It is the best and quickest way to deal with stammering. Don’t hesitate in joining any support groups. It may feel little weird at starting but soon you will feel at home.

Quick tips and tricks:

While the above tips and tricks to deal with stammering can help you a lot but these simple quick tips can also help you out. You don’t need to do anything special to use these tips.

  • Take your time and speak slowly
  • Don’t look into the eyes of the person you are talking to.
  • Congratulate yourself for every little success.
  • Add words like umm, uh, hmm in between the words where you stammer.
  • Work on your vocabulary and change the words where you feel you get stuck.
  • Instead of hiding it, talk about it. Don’t underestimate yourself until you give your best shot.

 Stammering is a problem which cannot be fully cured but can be lowered by sheer dedication and hard work. The only thing the person needs to do is to keep a positive approach and don’t lose hope. These were few tips and tricks to deal with stammering, if still it doesn’t help, we would advise you to consult a doctor.

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