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Tips and Tricks to take care of Colored Hairs

Gone are the days when only dressing sense was used to make a style statement. Now, we are living in a world of fashion where each and everything matters a lot. Be it your dress, your shoes, your watch or your hairs. When it comes to hairs, the time has changed a lot. There was a time when people used to think thousand times before getting their hair colored. However, now you will find more people with colored hairs then normal hairs.  From streaks of bright reds to blonde, you will find so many variety in colored hairs that you will get confused which one to go for.

Source: hottest-hairstyles.com
Source: hottest-hairstyles.com

But, as it is said everything as two parts, one good and one bad. While the good part of colored hairs is that they give you a different look but the bad part is they need a lot of care and attention. Apart from that, all coloring agents contains Ammonia which can result in dry and brittle hair. Although, there is no need to worry as in this post we are going to tell you few simple tips and tricks to take care of colored hairs.

Tips and Tricks to take care of Colored Hairs

Before the procedure

  • Plan it before you are doing it

Coloring the hairs is a one way road as once it is done, you can’t remove it for next couple of days. So, you need to plan it carefully as how much part do you need to color, you only need a streak or full coloring, whether you are doing it by yourself or at a shop.

You also need to consider what quality of color you are using. You can go with hair color with natural oils which help in retaining the moisture in your colored hair. They also makes your hair look shiny and healthy. If you can get Ammonia free hair color, that would be the best option. You also need to take care of the color selection. Remember, the color as it appears on the color box and the way it turns out on hairs are two different things.

  • Patch Test and Pre color care

Patch test basically means checking whether the color product you are using it perfect for you or not. You must check that you are not allergic to the product you are going to use. Always deep condition your hair and use hair masks before coloring them. You can also try avoiding any kind of chemicals for at-least 15-20 days before coloring.

  • No shampoo before coloring and even application

Do not use shampoo for two days prior to hair coloring. This helps in protecting the hairs roots from severe color damage. If you are planning to do it at home, try to use a wide-toothed comb for applying colors evenly. Always start from the roots and go till the end. We would recommend to take professional help or to visit a salon for hair coloring as they are experienced and knows the best techniques for hair coloring.

Source: www.hairworldmag.com
Source: www.hairworldmag.com

After the procedure

Once you are done with coloring the hairs, you will need to follow these simple tips and tricks to take care of Colored Hairs.

  • Use flat iron after coloring the hairs.

Once your colored hairs are freshly dyed, you need to go over it with a flat iron. It helps in locking the color into the hair shaft perfectly.

  • Say no to shampoo

If you wish to keep your hairs colored for a longer period of time, avoid using shampoo for at-least 48 hours after the coloring procedure. This is important and if you can wait for more than 48 hours that would be perfect. If you do not have any choice and you need to wash your hair, use “color protecting” shampoo.

  • Deep Conditioning and hair masks

Deep conditioning of colored hairs is the most important part as hairs get dry and rough after coloring. You can use the old methods in which you can use olive oils, coconut oils and almond oils for deep conditioning your hair. Avoid using any strong conditioner and always for a natural one. You can also use a hair mask once a week for keeping your hairs healthy. A banana & honey mask or egg mayo mask is the best choice for you.

  • Use cold water and avoid blow dryer

It should be noted that hot water dried out the hair and makes them look dull. Hot water leeches out the dye and causes dye molecules to escape from hairs. However, the cold water keeps your hair color intact and it will also keep your hairs healthy and shiny. Also try to avoid blow dryer as much as you can. Make sure you are letting your hair dry naturally.

You should keep in mind that hair shaft is one of the most delicate part of the body. Regular dying can cause your hairs to break and spilt. This was all about tips and tricks to take care of colored hairs. Do let us know if you have any secret of keeping the hairs healthy and shiny.

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